Special Needs Dentistry – Everything you need to know

Everyone needs a dentist at some point. But some people need it more than the others. If you’re someone who does then you can benefit the most from seeing a dentist who specifically caters to the expertise. Here’s everything you need to know about special needs dentistry for your next pearly white appointment.

What is special needs dentistry?

Special needs dentistry is a branch of dentistry for which doctors undergo additional training, alongside their assistants and other staff. 

When looking for a dentist, parents of SHCN ( special health care needs) patients should find a practitioner who understands the wide range of issues these patients face, and can accommodate those needs.

Who needs special needs dentistry?

  • Children with extensive untreated tooth decay who are particularly uncooperative
  • Children with physical or learning disabilities or medical conditions
  • Children referred for specific treatment on a case by case basis
  • Adults with complex needs who have a proven difficulty in accessing or accepting care in general dental services, including adults with moderate and severe learning and physical disabilities or mental health problems
  • Adults with medical conditions who need additional dental care
  • Differently abled individuals who would be difficult to treat in a regular dental set up

What to expect from a special needs dentist?

An appointment with a special needs dentist is generally different from a visit with a regular dentist. The special needs dentist is aware of and tailors his or her approach to the patient’s additional needs. Generally a regular dentist may recommend a special one depending on the problem. 

Special needs dentists for your child

A large number of parents are simply unaware of the presence of a specialized dentist. This puts their child’s dental and mental health at risk. Unattended tooth problems are a leading cause for oral problems that would otherwise be a mild inconvenience at worst.

Tips for your special needs dentistry appointment

If you are referred to a specialist dental service ensure your dentist is forwarding all necessary documents.

It’s important to not be afraid to ask detailed questions about anything you don’t understand. Your dentists care about your health as much as you. Also be sure to ask about the costs involved and if your insurance will cover it if needed.

If you have specific medical requirements, for example medication allergies, or fears make a note of it and tell your dentist at your first appointment. 

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