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Root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth that is painful instead of removing it. A well-executed Root Canal Therapy will be a lot less painful than what you assume it to be. We at Smile Craft pride on providing one of the Best and most Affordable Root Canal Treatment in Goa.

What  is a Root Canal Treatment?

A Root Canal Treatment is conducted by a Root Canal Specialist, Also known as an Endodontist when a patient comes in with a decayed or damaged tooth that might be infected. It is advisable to go through with the procedure rather than extracting the tooth as retaining natural teeth is always better than getting a false one after an extraction and not replacing teeth after extraction can affect the health of the remaining teeth. The soft inner chamber of the tooth known as the pulp –contains Nerves, Blood vessels and Connective tissue. When the pulp gets damaged or infected due to a chip in the tooth or dental decay that allows bacteria to enter, A Root Canal procedure needs to be performed in order to remove the infected pulp and clean and seal the inside of the tooth.

Root Canal Procedure?

How  Long Does a Root Canal Treatment Take?

The duration of a Root Canal Procedure varies depending upon the severity of infection. Some Root Canal Treatment can be completed in a single sitting and are known as Single Visit Root Canal Treatment however, If the tooth is badly infected it might involve multiple sittings as your Endodontist has to ensure that all the infection has healed prior to filling the tooth.

Recovery after Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal recovery should take around 2-7 days. For the first few days after treatment, You may feel a little discomfort in the treated tooth, Especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. It is very important to maintain oral hygiene after the root canal treatment to ensure that your teeth stay healthy.

Post-treatment Dental Care

Follow your doctor’s guidelines carefully after the root canal procedure for pain management and how to care for your tooth while recovering from treatment and until a follow-up visit.

You may feel some tenderness in the area after the anesthesia wears off, and also some mild soreness. These can be relieved through over-the-counter medication, but always consult your doctor first.

You may experience a slightly different sensation from your treated tooth than your other teeth for some time.

Don’t chew or bite down on the treated tooth until it is fully restored to avoid damaging it. Warm salt-water gargles and cold compresses are recommended.

After a couple of check-ups, your doctor will check to see if you need to put a crown on the tooth in order to prevent it from breaking further.

Maintain good oral hygiene and regularly check in with your doctor in order to achieve a full recovery and to keep your teeth healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions related on Root Canal Treatment

With modern medicine, Advanced techniques, a doctor you trust and local anaesthesia, Root canal treatments are not painful. After your root canal procedure, You are likely to have some soreness surrounding the affected tooth. This is usually minimal and can be alleviated with cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers.
A root canal procedure is highly recommended over an extraction, as your natural tooth is far stronger than an implant and saving it is a priority. Once capped, The previously-infected tooth will last a longtime.
Root canal treatment is recommended once the decay is severe enough that the inner pulp of the tooth has become infected. At this stage, A regular dental filling will not suffice and thorough cleaning and removal of the pulp will have to be undertaken.
The cost of a root canal treatment in Goa starts from Rs. 5,000 onwards. The cost will vary depending on which tooth is infected (molars are harder to treat and cost more) and the level of decay. There can be an additional cost of the crown to cap the weakened tooth. After a proper consultation, your dentist will give you an estimated cost of the whole procedure upfront before starting.
At Smile Craft Goa, Our team of experienced and patient friendly Endodontist’s ensure that you are at ease during the Root Canal Procedure. We firmly believe in innovation and are constantly updating treatment modalities to stay on par with the latest globally. We have successfully treated many patients requiring simple to complex Root Canal Treatment and have earned the reputation of being one of the Best Root Canal Specialist’s In Goa.
Lasers are used to improve the efficiency of Root Canals by sterilizing the root canal and eliminating infection causing bacteria. This improves the outcome of the Root Canal Treatment.

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