What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Qualified and competent surgeons who will ensure a painless procedure be it a simple tooth extraction or a Wisdom tooth extraction.

Why are Wisdom Teeth Extracted commonly?

Owing to the kind of food we consume today, our jaws have evolved to the point we require only 28 teeth for chewing. Most of the cases, wisdom teeth do not have sufficient space to erupt into the mouth and get stuck or impacted in the jaw hence, requiring a Painless removal.

How are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

A local anesthetic given by your dentist will first numb the area up. A small incision is then made to reflect your gum and expose the impacted wisdom tooth. Your dentist will then trim the bone around the wisdom tooth selectively to loosen the tooth. The impacted wisdom tooth is then sectioned and removed in pieces to prevent damage to surrounding tissues and stitches are given.

Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions painful?

No, since the entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia, wisdom teeth extractions do not hurt.

How much does a Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Panjim cost?

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Panjim varies and depends upon the complexity and level at which the tooth is impacted. Generally, wisdom tooth extractions start from 2500 rupees onwards.

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