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Sudhir Kenkre

Young and knowledgeable doctor.Explains in detail the treatment process.I have been having lot of dental issues over the years and had visited many dentists before ,but Dr.Schuyler was the only doctor who called me and inquired about me post my minor surgery . Really appreciate the kind gesture Doc!!

Barry B

Very accommodating and very professional. Very clean and has the latest equipments. Thank you Dr Schuyler and Dr Beverly and the team for taking care of my everyday smile

Milind Dessai

Dr. Suhuyler is one of the best dentist, it was excellent doctor, thanks for guiding me for every appointment we met, thanks for your team for caring n loving,Highly recommended to all.

Sneha Kamat

Amazing job done on extracting my wisdom tooth.. didn’t feel bit of a pain while the extraction and after the extraction, I also didn’t feel the need of being on any sort of medication.. I had extracted my tooth earlier via different doctor and I was in severe pain for almost a week.. but Dr. Schuyler your work is amazing and even the staff is helpful and friendly.. tnq once again

Rukma Prabhudesai

I recently visited Smile Craft as I required an urgent procedure and found Dr. Schuyler and his staff to be the most approachable and professional dental services team I have come across. I highly recommend Smile Craft as they gave me an excellent service while patiently explaining each procedure in detail every step of the way. I am extremely happy with the treatment. Thank you Smile Craft 😊

Vishal Naik

Dr. Schuyler is very patient, so is the rest of the staff, I had 2 root canals done and I couldn’t have been happier about the whole process. Would definitely recommend anyone seeking dental attention 10/10.

Anup Basil

Dr Schuyler is very skilled at his craft. He has an awareness of the discomfort caused by different procedures and manages this quite well. The clinic is also managed well, so most appointments start and end as planned. Overall it’s a good place for your dental needs.

Shasha Pires

Excellent job by Dr.Schuyler ..an emergngy i had fr fixing my front teeth !!really a life Saver u hav been and giving me an appointment totally a big deal !! Alway gonna b grateful to u thankyou a lot!! Totally Recommended!!

Reuben Pinto

Had a dental procedure done at SmileCraft by Dr. Schuyler Pereira in the most skillfully and comforting manner. I had a very pleasant overall experience at the clinic. A really good place to visit to get any dental work done.

Shanice Sousa Pereira

I had a white spot on my front tooth due to a childhood accident and never thought of getting it covered as most dentists said it would be a long procedure and unnecessary. But Dr. Schuyler reassured me that it could be fixed easily. So I went ahead with the procedure and it was completely hassle and pain free! I’m really happy with the result and would definitely recommend smilecraft for any dental requirement. The service was extremely professional and I was very comfortable.

Nidhish Sodha

What an amazing and real professional Dr Schuyler Pereira is . I had to have some serious work done at short notice , Dr Pereira fitted me in his busy schedule at his Margao surgery the same afternoon . His kind and caring manner made me feel very confident and relaxed , using his latest technology and experience together with a 3D camera and printer he had two bridges crafted , designed and fitted within twelve days .He specially opened his clinic on a Sunday so that I wouldn’t miss my flight back to the UK . I would thoroughly recommend Dr Schuyler and his fantastic team to anyone looking for the best dental care at a very affordable price . 11 out of ten Sir , the quality of my life is so much better after visiting you , thank you.

Pranita Bhosle

I had been on a hunt for a good quality dental service and Smile Craft had great reviews so I thought to take a chance. Undoubtedly, Smile Craft is the best dental clinic I have ever been to. I have had nothing but the most pleasant experience with Dr. Schuyler and his team. The entire team is genuinely friendly and I feel welcomed every time I walk through those doors. Dr. Schuyler has always been very patient, gentle and attentive. He and his team goes an extra mile to make you feel comfortable and give u a completely pain-free treatment. Currently, I’m undergoing my Ortho treatment at SmileCraft and Dr. Neil Andrade is undoubtedly the most skilled and professional orthodontist. I would highly recommend SmileCraft to those looking for an amazing, informative and painless dental service.

Bushra Hasnain

Undoubtedly the best dental clinic in Goa. Usually going to the dentist bought a lot of fear but Dr Schuyler is a extremely good doctor.He made me feel so comfortable that I didn’t even realise when my tooth got extracted.Clinic is very clean & they are maintaining good hygienic standard. I would definitely recommend Smile Craft to everyone !!

Maria Kravchenko

It is a pleasure for me to write a review about Smile Craft and Dr. Schuyler Pereira. The sad truth is, my teeth has always been my pain, both figuratively and literally. Since the age of 3, I am a regular customer of the dentists, and because of the several relocations throughout my life, by now I have been to a few dozen of different dental clinics in 4 different countries. With time, I educated myself on the topic of “you are what you eat” and I stopped having cavities. But the knowledge came too late, and, unfortunately, when I first came to Smile Craft, my teeth looked absolutely nightmarish – million old fillings, worn out enamel, and the color which was anything but white, more like 50 shades of yellow (( Yet still, I was not having any hope that my teeth can actually LOOK good. All the dentists to whom I went, told me that if I want nice looking teeth, I need to do some serious invasive procedures, and I didn’t want it. Dr. Schuyler understood me perfectly and suggested the best possible solution, taking into consideration my wishes. I have to say that I have tried similar things (composite restoration) on my teeth before, but Dr. Schuyler did a job that is on a completely different level. He has a feel for harmony, like an aesthetic vibe, which is very important in cosmetic dentistry. And I have never seen such precision in work either. He doesn’t do things half way and that I respect and appreciate a lot. He is a perfectionist, and if you have similar problems to mine – i.e. damaged, worn out and stained teeth, I would recommend Dr. Schuyler without any hesitation.

Gajanan Parulekar

Dr. Schuyler Pereira and his team members are highly professional. You get relieve from the pain during your first visit itself. For any dental problem I will recommend to visit Dr. Schuyler’ s Smile craft.

Huzi Lukmani

Great experience. Procedures went to smooth and everything happening was explained in detail. No hidden things. Easily accessible location and nice clinic. Flexibility in time adjustments. Anyone having dental problems must visit him. Thanks Dr. Schuyler n Dr. Beverley for the help.

Kelly Townsend

Fantastic dentist, would highly recommend, lovely knowledgeable staff team who do amazing work. Definitely give this place a try-you will not be disappointed with the service you receive

Priyanka Pillai

Best dental care that I have received so far, appreciable work from each staff members. Dr.Schuyler knows exactly what he is doing, such a precision and perfection in his work. Smile craft is well equipped and will provide you with the utmost dental care

Gibson Rodrigues

When I visited Smile Craft, I had to have multiple root canals and multiple fillings to be done, and I had only a week. Special thanks to Dr Schuyler, Dr Beverly and Dr Avitha for so much care they took to make sure it didn’t hurt and kept me updated during the entire procedure what exactly is being done. Smile Craft is the best dental clinic in South Goa. Thank you Dr Schuyler and your entire team, looking forward for the next visit soon.

Clarina D

Dr Schuyler, Thank you for educating me about my teeth and also providing a better insight to safeguarding them. The teeth guard is a life saver for me and is working well. I feel the difference in the few weeks I have been using it. I am so glad I was routed to you for a second opinion and so happy to have you as my Goa dentist. I highly recommend Dr Schuyler to those looking for a good, attentive and care oriented dentist.

Pranavi Naik Dessai

I was always scared and hated going to the dentist. But not anymore from the time I have started visiting Smile Craft. Dr. Schuyler Pereira and his team is extremely knowledgeable and professional in work. During the treatment he makes one feel very comfortable and completes it with utmost care and perfection. Thank you Dr and the entire team for giving first class service and most importantly for giving reminders about my scheduled appointments.

Sudhir Kenkre

Young and knowledgeable doctor.Explains in detail the treatment process.I have been having lot of dental issues over the years and had visited many dentists before ,but Dr.Schuyler was the only doctor who called me and inquired about me post my minor surgery . Really appreciate the kind gesture Doc!!

Mohammed Gaus

This was my experience with a dentist and I had to go through root canal procedure. Dr. Schuyler and his team is extremely professional and guided me well throughout the entire process. I had heard some stories before from my friends about root canal treatment being extremely painful but Dr. Schuyler’s treatment was so good that I didn’t any pain throughout my entire procedure. I would recommend Dr. Schuyler Pereira’s clinic as the best place for all your dental related problems.

Josephine Dcosta

‘Smile Craft’ is the answer to our prayer. We came across Dr. Schuyler Pereira’s clinic online as we were searching for a Pedodontist in Goa. Our 6 year old daughter had issues with her teeth and we showed her to some other dentists but somehow she was always scared of the sound of the dental airotor. This turned into a trauma for her as well. So, after checking the good reviews of other patients it helped us decide to entrust our 2 daughters with them and honestly they did an excellent and amazing job at it. The way they took care of both of them was commendable. We are grateful to Dr. Elaine and Dr. Schuyler for especially dealing with our 6 year old daughter so sweetly that her fear for dentists has gone, to the point that she wants to become a dentist someday. God bless them always. But the best part of it all was the phone call follow up they did every now and then to check on how she was doing. This really touched our hearts.



Dr Schuyler Pereira is one of the best dentist I have ever been to. He answered to all the questions I asked him, and explained to me all the procedures / steps of the treatment before performing it. I have to say, the results of my treatment have been fantastic so far. He and his staff are very friendly and I had a wonderful experience with them. I highly recommend Smile craft dental clinic to anyone who is looking for a dentist and especially to people with dental phobia, who don’t like going to see a dentist.

Alexander Quadros

Dr. Schuyler is amazing, very accurate in explaining about my tooth. The staff too were amazing. He and his team did everything quickly as I had to leave out of India. Once back will visit him for sure. Would and will recommended for all my friends to visit if there have any tooth issues. Cheers doc, thank you for everything. See you and your team soon. 😊

Ashok vazirani

Very good … had the best experience Dr schuyler thank you

karan Dhamaskar

Dr Schuyler is a extremely good doctor.he made me feel so comfortable that I didn’t even realise when my tooth got extracted.i recommend everyone who needs dental treatment to go to him.The staff is also very nice

Klinston Tavares

Excellent 👍❤️


Had called doctor late at night as it was an emergency. My nephews front permanent tooth had fallen off. Dr and his team told me to immediately get him and came in specially just for him. They managed to put the tooth back and save it. They were in the clinic till 12.30 am. Very happy with the professionalism and dedication by the entire team and recommend the clinic to everyone!

Aiswarya M

Best place to visit for your oral hygiene. I have visited the clinic several times and the experience has been great. Dr. Schuyler and his team take utmost care of your dental problems and make sure they fix it. I have been very comfortable with the proces I totally recommend smile craft for pain free and best dental services.

harishkumar ballekai

Had been to dentists before but the experience at dr schuylers clinic was totally different. Dr and his team are very patient and friendly and always willing to help.Overall an exvellent experience and highly recommend to everyone!

Sandy Stone

Visited Dr. Pereira after having my front teeth ruined by another dentist in Margao, giving me a “goofy” look smile. I then visited Dr . Pereira who took a lot of time and patience with me explaining what could be done to improve the look. I was very impressed with him and his colleagues and I cannot wait to return to Goa for the final treatment. I have no fears or worries about returning. Recommend him 100%. Sandy stone – Essex U.K.

Florence Bouriah

My husband and I, have been living in London for the past 25 years and in the last 10 years we have been really struggling with our teeth especially my husband. After spending lots of time and energy to find the right dentist in London, we decided to go to Goa as unfortunately our experiences in London were disappointment after disappointment. After researching on the internet I came across Smile Craft dental practice which had excellent reviews, not a bad review, I got in touch with Dr Pereira who responded very quickly. I explained to him our issues and what we wanted to achieve which was functionality and aesthetic. We wanted to find the joy of eating and smiling again, to be pain free! Although the time differences communicating with Dr P. was easy and we decided to make an appointment and to go ahead with the trip! Once we got to Goa, we met all the team at Smile Craft. What we asked Dr. P to do was very challenging as we could only stay for 17 days and we were on a tight budget too. Not once we felt pressured to spend more money on our treatment in contrary: Dr P was extremely honest, professional, patient, ethical and showed lots of care. There is no doubt that he loves his job and that his priority it is to help his patients as much as he can. As he says: “He doesn’t promise miracle but he will do his best!” So this is what I had done on 17 days: 3 bridges with Ziracone crowns, one crown replacement, 2 very complicate root canals (which none of my dentist in London ever cared to find out where my infections came from!), 2 posts to be constructed to be able to support my bridges, clean and polish and whitening. I must also mention the amazing job of Dr Beverly that comes to the practice to work with Dr P and did my root canal! She did a superb job with such kind manner. I was very frightened of RC but she explained every step of the way and reassured me all the time! She saved my mouth! I wonder what would have happen to me if I didn’t go to Smile Craft. Dr Manoj also works at the practice and always have excellent advices to give and he is such a nice person to talk to. Of course there is Shreya the Receptionist with her beautiful smile and always a kind word too. My husband Rachid also had lots of work done. He suffers from periodontal (gum disease) which caused him to loose lots of teeth in the last 5 years and he wasn’t able to eat properly anymore. He also didn’t like his front teeth and he wanted to change them. He was always at the dentist with an antibiotics treatment because of his endless infections. So he had done: all his front teeth, (7 crowns), 1 bridge, 1 flexi denture, 1 clean and polish and whitening. Now he has found again the joy of eating and smiling. He can’t speak highly enough about all the Doctors and especially Dr Avita, who worked so hard to make him the best denture possible and to make his temporary crowns the most confortable possible. We spent lots of time at their practice which was very easy due to their endless care and kindness. We felt as their part of their family. Smile Craft is more than just a dental practice and my words do not give justice to what they do. On return to London my husband needed further more support and guidance around his oral hygiene and pain prevention Dr Peirera didn’t hesitate to answer to his questions despite of the time difference. In whole our dental treatment has far exceeded our expectation and for it we are deeply grateful and relieved. To everyone looking for top dental work, Smile Craft is probably your very best option. We can not thank them enough. Florence and Rachid.

Gauri Rao

I visited Dr. Schuyler Pereira at Smile Craft for the past two days, to get a few fillings done. Being a dental student myself, visiting a dentist isn’t something I really look forward to, but Dr. Schuyler and his team truly change that experience for you. I felt very comfortable and at home through out my visit. Dr. walks you through the entire treatment/procedure and personally I learned a lot myself. I would definitely recommend Smile Craft, Dr. and his team work with utmost professionalism and yet manage to maintain a friendly atmosphere, givind each patient the time and care they need.

Angela Snowdon

A dentist visit on holiday! Well I was recommended and wanted teeth whitening so off I went with friends. Dr Schuyler and his staff were welcoming and friendly put me at ease instantly. The results fantastic clean and gleaming and a fraction of the costs at home. Future trips to Goa will include dental appointments for sure.

Beverly Rodrigues

I visited Smilecraft Dental Studio to get my tooth extraction done. Going to the dentist is always very stressful and I was extremely nervous about this but Dr. Schuyler and his team made me feel completely at ease throughout the procedure. Dr. Schuyler’s expertise in the field was apparent and the extraction was done with absolutely no pain. I would recommend Smilecraft dental studio to anyone who wants to get a dental procedure done while in Goa.

Melvina Pimenta

Had been stressing about the extraction for a while m glad it’s all over with, just wanna say a big thank you for your expertise made the process very comfortable. Your effort is much appreciated. Thank you and your staff. Stay blessed.

Yajnesh Rai

Definitely a place to go for a any dental procedure/consulations. Dr. Schuyler and team are very friendly, welcoming and not to forget – highly skilled. Doctor closely examined my oral condition and explained about the things that I was not aware of, and treated them with great care. I’ve always been a bit paranoid about consulting a dentist, but Smilecraft has been really a great experience and totally worth it!!

Nitin Malvankar

Very much Satisfied with the treatment and informative/much needed information provided by the doctor.. All the best team Smile Craft

Nandini Saripalli

I had a lovely pain-free experience at Smilecraft. Dr. Schuler and Dr. Manoj are very friendly and sweet to interact with. My cousin bro had to get some pieces of his milk teeth removed and I got fillings done myself. We both are extremely happy with the service provided. Very trustworthy! Highly recommend!

Tracy Dcruze

A good experience.

Lucy Carroll

My experience with Smilecraft Goa was fantastic! I had a check up, clean and a couple of filings and Dr Pereira was so kind and gentle, I knew I was in safe hands! Everyone at the clinic were so friendly too, which put me at ease! I have been recommending Smilecraft to everyone back in Sydney and I will definitely be making another visit! Maybe composites next for my perfect perfect smile… haha

Gemma Carroll

I had a great experience with the Smile Craft Goa team, and I highly recommend their dental practice. I had 1 filling and 2 composites on 2 of my teeth, and the work that was done was very professional. I highly recommend Smile Craft, and I would visit again.

Rashida Sadekar

I am Mrs Rashida, “I was never afraid of anything in this world except the dentist “ but after my first visit to Smile Craft my thoughts were different. Dr Schuyler is a very pleasant,friendly and efficient in his work. I have received the best service at every visit.Appointments were very smooth with very little waiting time.I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.Hats off Dr and his team. Keep up the good work.

Regie Lucas

I was visiting Goa with my daughters for 10days and during these few days was hoping to see a reputable pediatric dentist. My elder 10year old had one cavity and 8year old had 7 cavities that needed attention. To make matters worst the younger one had zero tolerance to pain and my wife and I are strongly against treatment under sedation.

I didn’t have high hopes but listed 4 clinics that I felt confident in and started making calls. Considering the holiday season it came as no surprise when 3 clinics I called stated that the doctors are on holiday and the only available appointments would be after the first week of the following year which didn’t work for me.

I was starting to lose hope but decide to call Smilecraft where Dr.Schuyler took my call himself, he was easy to talk to and asked me to see him for an initial consultation to discuss how to take it from there. I visited the clinic and met Dr. Schuyler for a consultation. During that visit he did a cleanup and advised me on what need to be done and whether it could be done during my short trip. I had some unusual requests and conditions related to the dental treatment, he was patient enough to listen, understand and give consideration to the concerns of my wife and myself.

At first, it felt as though the Clinic is small, but don’t let that fool you. It has two treatment rooms with 4 Doctors who consult each other which I witnessed myself. This contributes towards them taking better care of the patients. They do braces and laser dentistry which is not offered in most other clinics. The clinic is up to date with all the necessary dental equipment, surgical procedures and most importantly, they have an experienced and professional team of doctors and staff.

Dr. Schuyler is quite good with kids and personally looked after both my daughters and they were not at all afraid to visit the dentist which I did for 1 hour on weekdays till I left Goa. Even on days that specialists worked on my younger daughter Dr. Schuyler would monitor and track the progress until it was complete. I m glad I chose Smilecraft and grateful to them for taking such good care of my daughters’ teeth. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Johnetan Delf Coutinho

It’s been a good experience with the super cool dentists Dr. Schuyler and Dr. Avita. Very friendly staff and lot’s of patience and guidance, they explain to you in detail and the work done on me was great without any pain, and I have already started recommending Dr. Schulyer at Smile Craft for his excellence job. Thankyou Smile Craft team and looking forward for the next visit soon.

Kalpak Valaulikar

I have visited Smile Craft Dental Clinic about 5 times in the last 2 months. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Shuyler Pereira’s service and expertise.
He is very gentle on the teeth and is a very courteous and friendly doctor. He has the latest equipments and whenever there is an appointment, I always get a reminder phone call and SMS from his clinic. I would definitely recommend him!

Mitzie Almeida

Usually going to the dentist bought a lot of fear and dread but at Smile Craft I felt extremely comfortable. Dr. Schuyler and Dr. Avita are the nicest and pretty down to earth dentists I have ever come across. They are fun doctors and not your usual boring/serious/ gloomy dentists. They were very accommodating to my tight schedule, explained the procedures in detail and answered all my queries which not all dentists do in detail and put me at ease during all my dental treatments. They are well equipped with the latest technology which ensures that you get the best service that you deserve.
I am extremely happy and satisfied with all the work done and would highly recommend Smile Craft.
Not everyone can say this, but I had a blast at the dentist’s.

Clive Chatfield

Had a molar tooth removed and a bridge fitted. The tooth was difficult to extract but patience and determination won in the end. As far as visits to dentists are concerned, they are never something to look forward to but the complete dentistry including a new bridge I can say was without any pain whatsoever and the whole experience was an unexpected dream. Nothing appeared to be too much trouble and nothing was rushed. A complete professional job by a dentist that knows his job. Many thanks to all involved for sorting out my dentistry problem in a way that I never thought would be possible. If you are ever requiring to get dental treatment in the Margao area, I would be surprised if you could ever find a better practice. Certainly recommended.

Craig Kirby

I had a crown fitted, two fillings and a clean up and I can say with certainty that Dr Schuyler is the best dentist I have ever visited. I was a bit unsure when my fiancé recommend a Dentist in Goa, having only visited dentists in the UK however Dr Schuyler’s professionalism and skill put my mind at ease. I have had some issues with my front crown in the past, and for after as short look at my teeth he was able to explain to me why I had those issues.

I cannot recommend Smile craft enough, and I look forward to seeing Dr Schuyler again when he visits Kent in 2019 or when I next return to Goa.

Valerie Rebello

Best dentist ever. I normally hate going to dentists and I’m always terrified about being there but I was absolutely pleased with my experience with Dr. Schuyler. He was so patient and gentle with the work that he did on my teeth (it did not hurt at all!!). I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to get some quality dental work done with no/minimal pain 👍

J Ayyaswamy

I wish to thank Dr Schuyler and his team for the care I received at Smile Craft.My dental treatment was painless and all my dental issues were resolved . I recommend Smile Craft to everyone who has a dental issue. Happy New Smiles!

Chrisleigh Faleiro

Excellent doctor!!! Very thorough and caring. Goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. I had a very pleasant experience with Dr.Schuyler. He is very professional, he takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice. I highly recommend Dr.Schuyler.

Shawn Fernandes

I recently got some dental work done and I had an amazing experience with Dr.Schuyler. He is a true professional. I must say, the service was fantastic and the staff were friendly too. Definitely trustworthy. Looking forward to my next visit very soon 🙂

Tony Fernandes

It’s been a wonderful experience being treated by Dr. Schuyler. I’ve been his patient for the past 2 years. I like his well-equipped clinic that’s so neat, hygienic and professional. Dr. Schyuler and his team have treated me well and put a better smile on my face. I’d like to wish him and his team ‘All the best’ and would like to recommend his professional services to all.

Assunta Fernandes

I’ve been visiting Smile Craft for the past two months for dental treatment and it has been an amazing experience with Dr.Schuyler Pereira, who is very passionate and confident about his work. I would describe Smile Craft as state-of-the-art and would recommend this place to seek dental care.

jayesh kamat

My first experience with Dr schuyler pereira… I have been treated at smile craft for almost 3 months now and I must say that I am satisfied with the treatment I have reviewed for my dental problems.

I strongly recommend Dr schuyler pereira to anybody who needs a good dentist.

Amar Vazirani

Dr. Schuyler Pereira was recommended by my son. I had a very bad toothache but Dr Schuyler an excellent job. He knows his job well. Did a very professional and skilled procedure. He did my root canal treatment. The clinic is well equipped and they explained and showed the present state on screen and informed me about the dental treatment.
Thanks Dr. Schuyler Pereira. Highly recommended dentist based in Margao, Goa.

Brooke Mendes

Definitely recommend Smile craft !! This dental clinic is 10/10 for the respect in which the staff treat the client and each other, the professionalism and attention to detail of the dentists and the general feeling of honesty and good will everyone is treated with.

A trip to the dentist is rarely something to look forward to, but in future, I just might!

So proud of you Dr Schuyler !

Mario Carvalho

Had gone to Dr Schuyler for a regular cleanup.After checking Dr explained in detail all the dental issues I had. He then completed the treatment, even had a root canal done and much to my surprise it was completely painless!The equipment and materials used by Dr are top notch! Would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who is afraid of going to the dentist!

Naizian Fernandes

I’ve been going to Smile Craft for 2 years now and have done 4 extractions and a couple of fillings. Dr. Schuyler and his team are extremely professional from scheduling timely appointments to having state of the art infrastructure to carrying out the procedures with utmost precision and excellence! They even go to the extent of explaining what went wrong and why it might have happened and how to prevent it in the future! Highly recommend Smile Craft!

Mitesh Jain

Thank you Dr. Schuyler for the excellent and pain free treatment. He is the best dentist that i have visited. The last time i went to a dentist was ten years back and refused to go for any further dental checkups due to my painful experiences. The experience with Dr. Schuyler was completely pain free and my problem was sorted in no time. I travelled all the way from Mumbai for my treatment and was more than satisfied. I will definitely be visiting him again for all my further dental treatments.

Ashfaq Shah

I have been to Smile Craft along with my kids for a regular dental cleanup. Whats best about this place is that my kids have had a wonderful experience. The place is hygenic and well maintained Doctor is a very sweet and soft spoken guy and kids aren’t afraid of him.

Sarita D’cruz

I would Highly Recommend Dr. Schuyler as a dentist.. The dental work done was painless and very well done. He made sure that I was comfortable and didn’t get any pain at all.

Henry Noronha

I had positive experience at this clinic. The treatment provided was good, got teeth cleaning done & seven cavities filled over the span of five days. I had Dr.Manoj & Dr.Schuyler work on my treatment.

I would like to recommend this clinic to others.

Ciena Ferreira

Very satisfied with the service and treatment received at smile craft. Dr Schuyler explained everything related to my teeth condition in detail and also the treatment for the same.a pain free and wonderful experience!

Ivo D’ Costa

Very nicely done and well planned with all equipments. Relaxed atmosphere for the patients once you in the clinic. On time with his appointments and always reminds his patients about there appointment.

Gretchen Barretto

Dr Schyuler is highly skilled, informative and makes the entire process painless and comfortable. 10/10 would recommend!

David godinho

Excellent treatment from well experienced doctor schuyler and dr. Beverley and cooperative staff. Did my root canal with permanent tooth crown in less then 7 days coz of mine emergency departure. Well maintained hygienic clinic. I prefer this as best clinic for dental issues.Very comfortable environment. Not only took care of me and my teeth, but educated me as well, telling me why they were doing certain procedures, what they did, etc. It’s very refreshing being told exactly what was going on and not just showing up, having tools shoved in your mouth, and sent out.

Dr. Schuyler is very attentive which I appreciate.

D Sandhu

Dr. Pereira is very meticulous and professional in his approach to work. Have been visiting his clinic for all my dental needs. Highly recommended!

Deepak Sharma

I bumped into smile craft by Google search, looked at the reviews and went. Since I had a bad experience with another dentist 3 years ago I had developed a phobia against any dental job. I was even scared even with the thought of seeing a dentist. But finally after 3 years I decided to go. I went to this clinic six times within a period if two weeks and my experience had been amazing. It’s a very professionally managed place and Dr Schuyler it’s an artist. Everything went perfectly smooth. Now he is my dentist forever I think , as long as I am in Goa. I highly recommend this place.

Lavina De Souza

The one dental practice you should visit if you are in Goa! I had an amazing experience at Smile Craft. Attention to detail with highly trained crew and technologically advanced equipment. Very happy with the service! Thank you Dr. Pereira and crew.

Anish Sousa

Very professional service. Highly sophisticated equipment & treatment with a smile. That’s what you’ll get at smilecraft! I would highly recommend Schuyler & team.

Clifton Noronha

A good Dr. With patience, Experience and good Skills is all you need. My first visit to Smile Craft 17th Aug 2018 ,as I changed my dentist in last 12 years.
In just two seating Dr.Schuyler had to do multiple fillings.
Normally a visit to a dentist would cost you many hours and multiple visits and lots of pain and discomfort and no satisfaction. Dr. Schuyler with his high end advanced tools did it without pain and in a relaxed mode. I really feel good no highs and no pain.
I would recommend If you want to change ur dentist switch to SMILE CRAFT and see the change.

Kity parker

Take a blind leap of faith and walk in to this clinic, you won’t be disappointed. Excellent treatment with no compromise in quality and hygiene standards. Many Thanks to Dr. Schulyer and his team.

Berta De Quadros

My brother recommended me to go to Dr. Schuyler’s Pereira’s – Smile Craft Clinic.I felt very comfortable, appointment given for my mother was on time, my mother said she did not feel d pain when she was being treated. Ambiance of his clinic us good. Clinic is very clean well maintained. I personally recommand my friends n others with dental problems to take treating from Dr. Schuyler Pereira n wish doctor n his staff all success.

Tanvi Gaundalkar

I had severe pain due to infection because of which there was some inflation, so I booked an appointment with Dr. Schuyler who diagnosed my tooth and educated me about how the infection had spreaded and gave me a few alternatives as how he could help me with the same. Dr. Schuyler explained all the details so well that I was sure that his knowledge and experience would definitely help me get rid of the pain. Thank you so Dr. Schuyler for helping me get rid of the pain and yet saving my tooth and more over thank you so much for being extra carefully and positve while operating my tooth as you knew how scared I was.

Frazier Alemao

Simply the best dentist in town. Got all my dental work done with literally no pain at all😋. Definitely a 5⭐ rating for you doc . Thanks

Ashwini Mahanti

Dentist at his best- Dr Schuyler Pereira- I ended up at his clinic after dealing a lot with my dental treatments that went horribly wrong in the past. But Dr Schuyler made me understand and calmed me down and focused on what can be done now and not on what and why something went wrong- which i highly appreciate. With the tight timelines i had he adjusted his schedules and with long appointments , he did something that i could only imagine, i smile and look into the mirror , i feel good 🙂
I Highly recommend smile craft for any dental problems you might have, just see him or any of his team members who are equally amazing. Your worry will be their worry and will be addressed completely!
See you soon Dr Schuyler for rest of my treatment on my next trip to India!

Janny Hodgkiss

What a service 100% recommendation. I was scared of the dentist until I went to Goa and met Dr Schuyler Pereira and his lovely team.

My Partner and I had a lot of work done and we are well pleased with the service and would recommend it to anyone, especially anyone who is scared of the dentist like I was.

I had 2 bridges, 3 Veneers and polish. I went for 3 days, approximately a 2 hour treatment each time.

Andy my Partner had fillings a crown and whitening.

We will be visiting Goa again next year and my partner Andy will have the rest of the work he wants doing.

Janny and Andy – Leicestershire.

Kezaia Caldeira

One of the best Dental clinics one could encounter in Goa. Extremely professional and friendly services offered by Dr Schuler. I was always scared and skeptical of seeing a dentist, but Dr Schuler has been a savior in terms of carefree dental voes. Look no further for the best Dental clinic in town.

Mellissa Barretto

Am a person who hates the thought of going to visit the dentist of all the other people in the world. I met Dr. Schyuler at a dental workshop held at Max Life and found a calmness and comfort at my very first check up. And I thought of giving him another chance to look into my mouth once again… Lol
At the clinic, his Assistants and Dr. Himself gave me so much ease n kept making sure that I experienced uttermost comfort at every appointment.
Dr. has taken great care of making sure my teeth are in good shape.
Thanks Doc. for d great smile on your face n making sure Uv crafted mine as well.
3 cheers to the team of Smile craft.

James Gosling

After having tooth pain a couple of weeks into a 3 month trip in India, I was initially concerned about having dental work over here. It turns out though to be the best dental care I’ve had anywhere (and I’m unfortunate enough to have had a lot of experience in this area over the years.) My diagnosis was an infection due to a dying tooth and the treatment necessary was root canal treatment and a crown. Dr Schuyler is excellent at his job and takes pride in providing a top class service. He takes the time to explain everything clearly and there is no sense of ‘hurry, I’ve got another 20 patients to see this afternoon’ like you get back in the UK. It’s a shame he lives so far from home as I would never go to anyone else. If I could give 10 stars I would!

Marija Pereira

Dr. Schuyler and his team really exceeded my expectations. Very much recommended : up to date equipment, high quality materials and commitment to do the best for patients.

Ranjith Kumar

Good service. Was happy with the way dr explained in detail everything before starting.A painfree experience!

john dias

I recently had my teeth cleaned and cavity work done…I had the best experience in Dr Schuyler clinic…he was very professional and explained the process very step of the way…I would highly recommend…his practice.

Pandurang Patil

Was recommended to Dr Schuylers clinic by another friend.I must say , it’s a very professionally managed set up. The first time I’ve come across a clinic that gives utmost importance to time management.Right from the way appointments are scheduled to the way the treatment is carried out, the experience has been fantastic!Dr Schuyler and his entire team are very passionate about what they do and this is clearly evident in the quality of work they do. I used to think a filling is a simple procedure and a root canal is the same no matter where it’s done but, after Dr finished with my wifes treatment and i saw the kind of job he did, i realised the difference in quality. Could not tell the filled tooth from the real one and completely painless! Keep up the good work Smile Craft and will definately recommend this clinic to everyone!

Marilyn Queenie

Had visited smilecraft after a bad dental experience i had somewhere else earlier and with alot of aprehension.However ,right from the first appointment itself Dr Schuyler made me feel at ease.When i told him about the bad experience i had, he told me let’s focus on what can we do from now and not on what was done before. Ever since then , i had a root canal done and much to my amazement,completely painless! Dr pays attention to even the tiny details while ensuring that the entire treatment is carried out seemlessly.Very happy with how everything has come through and highly recommend this clinic to everyone! Whats more, when i told Dr that commute is a problem,he was very accomodating and gave me longer duration appointments instead.

Allan Rebello

Dr Schuyler, being a very close acquaintance of mine,my dental visit at Smilecraft was certain. I must say Smilecraft and Dr Schuyler are setting new standards for Dentestry in the state. I still remember how good my first filling session went by. Dr Schuyler uses new and improvised methods. I would say that in todays world dental hygiene is so important and the team at Smilecraft dose more then a better job thereby exceeding expectations.

Shilton Pereira

Dr Schuyler is one of the best Dentist I have visited so far. I would highly recommend him without any doubt. He’s excellent at his work and does it with a lot of patience.

Blency Carvalho

Painless treatment with friendly doctors#perfect new healthy smile is back😊

Malcom Fernandes

I unexpectedly bumped into SmileCraft for a friend’s appointment. So Dr. Schuyler Pereira upfrontly told me just to have a dental check-up since i have come along. I took the check up n by God’s grace nothing was affected. I only had to put braces which i was prolonging due to time issues since i had time in Goa. I took an appointment for the process. Dr. Schuyler Pereira explained me all the detailed information n prodcedure about Extraction n Braces. My extraction of tooth went very well as i didn’t occur any pain at all. Due to Dr. Schuyler Pereira Skill n latest technology. And my case was a wierd one as it was 1st time that Dr. Schuyler Pereira had removed 4 Tooths In One Go!!! In fact i didn’t face any swelling at all the next day as Dr. Schuyler Pereira had expected. Even my Braces seating was done pretty well by Dr. Neel Andrade that it was so quick n good. My experience was a wonderful one as i enjoyed it from the start till the end. I would recommend everyone to visit SmileCraft and i wish Dr. Schuyler and his team for more success in the future

Ryan Vaz

This is a testimonial of the services of doctor Shyuler Pereira of SmileCraft. We have visited dentists before but my kids were always afraid. The first time we visited to Dr. Schuler. My son was extremely afraid that it might hurt. With a lot of Promises of treats and candy and with a lot of temptation and cajoling, he finally sat on the chair. When Doc was done, he was surprised that it was over and had a big smile on his face. Today, visiting the doctor is a fun outing for them. Because of his calmness and assurance the younger two also are veru casual about the appointments.
We wish Dr Schuler the very best and highly recommend him to our friends and family

Hazel Fernandes

Doc Schuyler was referred to me as I had loads of bad experiences with other dentist. I was so scared even to go to a dentist and would only go when it would hurt real bad

Doc Schuyler explained in detail about the problem that I was facing and also helped me by taking away the fear of going to a dentist
I had Doc Beverly and Doc Manoj also help me Doc Beverly your the best 😀

He really cares for his patients

Thanks again for the quick team effort put into helping me relive my pain, hope to see you guys soon

Progressive Systems

International standards at local prices! Clean, well maintained dental equipment. Defiantly a clinic to recommend. Keep up the good work!

Aishwarya Krishnan

Recently, I got a dental cleaning done by Dr. Schuyler from Smile Craft Goa and I must say that he’s done a fantastic job.

He’s very friendly and makes you feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Before going ahead with the cleaning, he showed me the flaws in my current teeth structure with a live camera, which was quite interesting. He also gave me some personalized dental tips for me for future care.

With the experience I had, I can surely say that Dr. Schuyler is the Best Dentist in Margao, Goa. I don’t mind travelling all the way from Panjim to Margao to get good Dental Service like this.

Deeptej Bhagat

I was looking for a reliable Dentist in Goa since long & I’m glad to have consulted Dr. Schuyler for my root canal treatment. The dental clinic is based out of Borda in Margao, Goa & maintains high hygiene standards.

I travelled all the way from palolem & would recommend Dr. Schuyler any day. He is very friendly & helped me understand & clear all my doubts before proceeding with the treatment.

Sunil Ayyaswamy

Painless & Hygienic experience for total dental care..thank you doctor !

Oliver De Mello

Top work from a top doctor and highly informative staff & assistants!

Cath sluggett

I have only had very good experiences at Dr. Schuylers clinic. He is professional in his approach, works with patience and precision, and has an excellent team. I trusted his and Dr. Beverley’s judgements while doing a bridge for me, and revascularization for my daughter’s tooth. The results were very positive and I would highly recommend him. Thank you!

Properties in Goa

Dr. Schuyler Periera is an excellent dentist. He took the time to explain every procedure he was doing. Whereas most of the times we are not aware what they will be doing to our teeth.

My teeth needed lot of repair work which Dr Schuyler handled quite well.

He is a professional and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend Dr. Schuyler to everyone.

Rhona Carvalho

I am writing this review on behalf of my father who had visited this clinic for some fillings in the teeth . He was very satisfied with the treatment received . He loved the way the staff enquired about any discomfort post treatment via phone calls and reminded him of his appointments … He has also recommended the clinic to a lot of family members and friends for their dental problems … Thank u to the entire team at Smile craft .

Amey Gaonkar

Dr. Schuyler likes to see his patients smiling and he cares for their smiles too. I used to be scared of dentists and their tools. But Dr. Schuyler creates a friendly environment, does negligible pain during treatment and also takes his precious time to explain all the procedures.

Viresh Vazirani

While Dr. Schuyler was showing me a presentation about the cases he has worked with in the past, I requested him for an appointment for me. I had managed to create a personal record of not visiting a dentist for many many many years.

The moment I walked in to Smile Craft Goa & got my check up done, Dr. Schuyler with his high – tech equipment (including cameras that zoomed into my teeth) helped me understand why it was extremely important to visit a Dentist every six months. My previous dentist had used low cost cheap filling material which can still be spotted in my teeth. You can easily compare Dr. Schuyler’s quality vs my previous dentist & state why Dr. Schuyler’s quality is 100 Times better. Doctor immediately took care of all that was needed & the results were superb. I can with confidence refer my friends to visit Dr. Schuyler for his extensive knowledge & understanding in Dentistry. The Clinic was well maintained & follows high hygiene standards making it one of cleanest clinics in the state.

Manisha Naik

“my teeth actually hated the doctor” this was same with Dr. Schuyler and he knew it but his patience and advanced equipments help me a lot with the teeth. My smile has actually turned to be more beautiful one. Thanks to Dr. Schuyler. I Highly recommend to visit smile craft for a better smile and oral health.

Cassy Almeida

Very informative session and friendly environment.

jyothi nalapat

Wonderful Dental Clinic in Goa!!! This has been one of the best dental centers I have ever visited.
Dr Pereira is an exceptional dentist …with great skill in his line of work… cosmetic dentistry! He also has a great way with his patients .Have seen them always leaving with a Smile😊
Best wishes Smile Craft💐

Mohsin Shaikh

Painless extraction 😍

Ashish Thadani

Dr Schuyler is highly efficient in his work and quite reasonable . Whenever I stop by in goa , I make sure I pay a visit to his clinic to usually get a great cleaning or hear his hilarious jokes . Good doctor with a great sense of humour . Will keep coming in … 🙂

stephaine fernandes

Dr.Schuyler is definitely the best doctor I have ever come across. His smiling face and approachable nature is the best to clam ones anxiety.His wonderfully skilled hands totally excludes pain away.He is very flexible to suite ones time which is a rare quality to find in a doctor.Being a short notice and alot of dental help needed doc Schuyler give the best of attention and gave me all the aid needed.I will definitely recommend doc Schuyler to my friends and family.

Chandrakant Shenoy

Dr. Schuyler is an excellent dentist & im very much satisfied visiting him. Awesome !! .

Jaden Pereira

Best experience ever

Roland Gomes

Very good experience so far. Clean professional job

Adit Chhabra

Dr Pereira was extremely professional as well as prompt in the treatment. I would highly reccomend him and his facility for any kind of dental treatment.