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Root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth that is painful instead of removing it. A well-executed Root Canal Therapy will be a lot less painful than what you assume it to be. We at Smile Craft pride on providing one of the Best and most Affordable Root Canal Treatment in Goa.

What  is a Root Canal Treatment?

A Root Canal Treatment is a procedure done by a Root Canal Specialist also known as an Endodontist. It aims at saving severely decayed or damaged teeth and is always preferred over extraction as it retains your natural tooth. Also, not replacing teeth after an extraction can have severe consequences on your neighbouring teeth health. In A Root Canal Treatment, the inner layer of the tooth known as the pulp is disinfected and filled using a special material. The tooth is then filled or protected using a dental crown if required. Tooth pain is one of the possible indications that you may require root canal treatment.

Steps in Root Canal Procedure?

How  Long Does a Root Canal Treatment Take?

Depending upon the severity of infection, the duration of a Root Canal Treatment can vary. Sometimes, Root canal procedure can be completed in a single sitting as well. In case of a severely infected tooth, a root canal specialist may even require 2- 3 sittings to complete the Root canal procedure.

What is the Recovery after Root Canal Treatment

The recovery post Root Canal Treatment takes around 2-7 days. A little discomfort for a few days post root canal treatment is normal and is common in cases where the tooth was severely infected before the procedure. Oral hygiene post treatment should be maintained to ensure your teeth stay healthy.

Post-treatment Dental Care

• Your Root canal specialists instructions on how to care for your tooth while recovering and for pain management should be carefully followed after the root canal procedure.
• Tenderness in the area is normal after the anaesthesia wears off along with mild soreness. These are relieved through over-the-counter pain medication but always consult your doctor first.
• Your treated tooth may feel slightly different than your other teeth for some time.
• To avoid damaging the treated tooth until it is fully restored to its health, do not bite on hard food. Warm salt-water gargles are also recommended.
• Your doctor will check to see if you need to put a crown on the tooth in order to reinforce it.
• Maintain good oral hygiene and regularly follow up with your dentist in order to achieve a full recovery and to keep your teeth healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions related on Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is done when the insides of the tooth become infected and inorder to save the tooth. It is done to prevent the tooth condition from worsening to the point of requiring an extraction.
No, root canal treatments are painless as they are done under local anaesthesia. Post treatment, you could feel mild to moderate discomfort which is easily releived with medication.
No, if your tooth is severly infected, a root canal treatment is usually the only option to save it.
The cost of root canal treatment varies depending upon the complexity and starts from approximately 5500 rupees onwards.

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