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We value your child’s oral health as much as you do. Bring your child for a routine dental check up and let our pediatric dental specialists examine your child’s oral health. Early tooth decay and irritations can cause issues for your kid’s future. Visit us to see how our kids dentist in Goa can ensure that your child’s first dental visit is a comfortable one


At Smile Craft, we value your kids oral health as much as you do and take time to listen to your queries and answer your doubts regarding your child’s dental care and treatment. We ensure the finest quality of treatment and comfort when it comes to your little ones by offering tailored kids dental services in Panjim according to your child’s needs and lifestyle.


A child requires different needs, both medically and behaviourally. Our paediatric dentists stay updated on the various needs of your child and ensure that they are comfortable and stress-free during every visit to their dentist. Our team of well-trained paediatric dentists strive to make your child’s dental visit a memorable one and alleviate any anxiety.


It is important to invest in your Childs dental health and not neglect it. Good oral health goes a long way and is responsible for your Childs overall well being. We offer affordable dental consultation and dental treatment options to detect and address dental problems at an early stage. After all, we firmly believe prevention is better than cure.


At Smile Craft, We take genuine interest in your child’s oral health are constantly rated as one of  the best kids dentist in Panjim. We believe that good dental health begins with honest communication between our patients and doctors. We hence advise and deliver only the highest standards of dental treatment for your kids well-being.


At Smile Craft, we comply with and ensure international standards of safety and sterilisation. Strict infection control protocols are followed to ensure your kids safety including the use international standard medical autoclaves and disinfection measures to ensure sterilisation of our operators and equipment ensuring safety of your child.


At Smile Craft, We pride ourselves in being fully equipped to handle difficult and challenging cases that require special attention such as Kids with disabilities and Differently abled Kids. We also have facility for Sedation Dentistry and routinely offer Dentistry for special needs. Our team of specialists will ensure your child has a comfortable dental treatment experience.

Why should you consult a kids dentist for your child’s oral health?

It is a common misconception that milk teeth don’t need dental attention as they are meant to fall off and give way to permanent teeth. However, this is false. Milk teeth play a vital role in your child’s overall health and nutrition and early loss of milk teeth can affect your child’s overall development. 

Some of the functions of milk teeth are as follows:

They are essential in developing the child’s occlusion or bite

They are important for chewing which enables proper digestion and ensures good nutrition for the development of your child

They are important for speech development.

They instil Self confidence in your child

How can Paediatric Dentistry help my child?

If infected before their time of falling and replacement by permanent, milk teeth can cause a lot of dental health issues.

Between 1-12 years of age, Specialised dental care for kids is needed. We help maintain the overall dental health of Infants, Toddlers and children up to age 12 including those with special needs. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatment in kids such as Tooth coloured fillings, Complete coverage restoration, Extractions with space maintainers, Fissure sealants, Habit-breaking appliances and Teeth Braces for kids. We also offer sedation dentistry to treat differently abled children and children with special needs which prevents issues like dental decay from spreading into the permanent teeth. Our patient centered and holistic treatment approach is the reason why we are constantly rated as one of the top Kids Dentist in Goa.

When should you take your Child to a Dentist for the First Time?

One common mistake parents usually make is to wait until their child gets a dental problem to visit a dentist. This is to be avoided. The ideal age to see a dentist is immediately after the first set of teeth erupts into the mouth. We examine your child’s oral health and monitor for dental issues such as cavities. We also suggest your child’s diet along with measures to maintain your child’s oral health accordingly.

What are the dental treatment options offered by our Paediatric Dentists?

The services offered by our Paediatric Dentists can broadly be divided into two categories:

  • Preventive kids dentistry services
  • Interceptive kids dentistry services

Preventive kids dentistry services

These are concerned with educating and training your child and you to maintain their milk teeth to prevent future dental problems. Treatment done in preventive dentistry include therapies such as Fluoride application, habit and hygiene counselling and fissure sealants that are done by our kids dentist in Panjim.

Interceptive kids dentistry services

Interceptive kids dentistry are treatments done to fix a dental issue that has already occurred in your child. They include dental fillings in kids for cavities, habit-breaking appliances, fissure sealants, Milk teeth extractions with space maintainers,Teeth braces for kids and root canal in children that are all executed by our highly efficient Paediatric Dentists.

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FAQ’s related to Paediatric Dentistry in Panjim?

Ideally, it is recommened to visit the dentist within 6 months from the first tooth coming into your childs mouth or at 12 months of age.
Paediatric dentistry treatments include sealant application, fluoride applictions, braces as well as fillings and root canal treatment in kids.
Paediatric dentists undergo additional training to manage a childs behaviour. Additionally, we also provide sedation as a treatment modality to cases that are difficult to manage on the dental chair.
Ensure you brush your child’s teeth twice daily and most importantly at night before going to bed. Avoid milk at night and ensure your child brushes before going to sleep. Incorporate a healthy diet and avoid junk food and items high in sugar.
During your childs first dental visit, the kids dentist will familiarize your child to the dental office and relieve their anxiety. Most dental treatment unless emergencies will not be done in the first appointment.

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