Ever wondered how your favourite celebrity has the perfect set of teeth? The answer is cosmetic dentistry! Cosmetic dentistry aims at enhancing one’s smile through specialised dental treatments such as Porcelain veneers, Teeth Whitening, Smile Makeovers and other procedures that are often elective in nature. Visit our Cosmetic dentist in Margao – Goa and we will help you achieve a perfect smile.


Teeth whitening also known as teeth bleaching is a safe and proven cosmetic procedure that is done to lighten teeth by removing stains and discolouration. The teeth whitening procedures are an easy, fast and inexpensive solution for brightening your smile and boosting your confidence. Before you go ahead, get a thorough dental examination from our cosmetic dentist in Goa and confirm if your teeth and gums are healthy enough for a teeth whitening treatment. At Smile Craft, we offer laser teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening treatment.


Any excess of melanin deposits in your gums may make them look blotchy and discoloured with black patches. Laser gum depigmentation is a quick and easy treatment for black gums and restores the natural pink colour of your gum tissues and make them look healthy. This depigmentation treatment removes the thin top layer of the gum tissue eliminating the cells that cause the hyper pigmentation in your gums. Laser Gum De Pigmentation procedure takes approximately an hour to complete and the end result is a beautiful smile.


Getting the smile of your dreams is now easy! A smile makeover is a dental cosmetic treatment that involves the replacement of missing teeth that deform your smile, Improving the shape, Colour and Alignment of your teeth to give a naturally perfect smile. As our name goes, We are experts in crafting smiles by giving you the best smile makeovers in Goa. Whether it’s your big day or the decision to improve your smile, Consult our Cosmetic Dentist in Goa and we will certainly help you smile better!


Porcelain Veneers and Composite veneers help you achieve your dream smile. Teeth Veneers are thin, translucent shells made of dental porcelain or composite resin that are placed over your teeth to give a better-looking smile. With the aid of dental veneers, Some basic flaws in your front teeth like Tooth gaps, Discolouration and dents can be corrected by our Cosmetic Dentist in Goa. Veneers are a cost-effective dental option as they last for a very long time if properly taken care of and is a very routinely done dental procedure.


A beautiful smile does not end with just beautiful teeth. The surrounding areas around the mouth need to look as good as the teeth too for a complete smile makeover and an aesthetic treatment. Filler injections when paired with cosmetic treatment can enhance your smile, Reduce signs of ageing and give your entire face a more youthful appearance. Apart from this, Facial Cosmetic Treatment In Goa can also be used to reduce the stress placed on your teeth & jaw and correct dental issues such as gummy smiles non surgically.


Clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign are used to improve the teeth alignment and ensure you have a healthy bite. These unlike conventional braces are very aesthetic and easy to maintain. Plus, They can be removed while eating food which enables you to enjoy all your favourite food without any restrictions unlike conventional braces! The Aligners are transparent and customised to ones teeth which make them very comfortable to wear even while sleeping at night. Smile Craft is one of the few Invisalign Certified clinics in Goa.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Goa: FAQs

Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth with oxygen releasing gel under the supervision of a qualified dentist is safe for teeth and gums. Hence, there is no permanent damage caused to your tooth structure, enamel, fillings or restorations by Teeth Whitening procedures. That being said, it is necessary that you choose only a qualified Dental Practitioner for your Teeth Whitening in Goa.
The results of teeth whitening treatment vary from person to person depending on their diet habits and lifestyle. On an average, the effect can last anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. However, exposure to tobacco and certain drinks & foods such as red wine, tea and coffee will slowly stain teeth again over time. A touch up is recommended about once in 6 months to maintain results of teeth whitening for longer time.
Teeth whitening is a relatively simple and inexpensive cosmetic dentistry procedure. The cost of teeth whitening in Goa start from 5000 rupees onwards.
Not at all! Teeth whitening is a painless procedure and can be comfortably completed usually in one sitting.
No! Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure and does not require any reduction of your Enamel.
With normal brushing and flossing plus a regular visit to your cosmetic dentist (at least once in 6 months), you can expect your dental veneers and crowns to last for up to 10 years. We strongly recommend the use of a water flosser and night guard to help you maintain your teeth veneers and oral hygiene.
Yes! A full set of veneers is often not required. Some people put them on a single chipped or discolored tooth, but it is recommended to apply them over the most visible teeth to achieve a cohesive look.
The cost of dental veneers starts from Rs. 7,000 onwards per tooth. This cost will vary depending on the kind of veneers you choose, extent of correction, underlying discoloration and how many teeth you want veneered. Your doctor will give you an estimated cost of the whole procedure upfront after a proper clinical examination.
Smile Craft is constantly rated as one of the best cosmetic dentist in Goa. Dr Schuyler Pereira specializes in cosmetic dentistry and has undergone extensive training in the field of aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry and regularly handles cases like teeth veneers and Whitening.
No, Cosmetic Dentistry is not painful at all. Some of you may experience a temporary tooth sensitivity during the treatment. But these symptoms usually disappear within 1-2 days of interruption or completion of your cosmetic dental treatment. Furthermore, we use the best equipment & modern dentistry to ensure your total comfort during your dental visit.

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