Braces have always been an infamous term when it came to caring for teeth. The term ‘wooden dentures’ itself could trigger nightmares for kids who needed braces.

Braces are devices installed in order to move your teeth around, it’s also one of the best-known methods to optimally align your teeth. It consists of a bracket that is attached to your tooth and a metal wire that is installed into the brackets. These wires are then tightened to move your teeth in the desired manner. 

Braces are used for functional as well as for cosmetic reasons.

It’s well known that braces for kids are usually more efficient at aligning teeth, there’s no harm or hard and fast rule that braces are ineffective on adults, in fact, braces for adults have been trending for a while now. 

Pediatric dentists in Goa recommend that braces for kids should be ideally installed when they’re teenagers around 12-13 years old as that’s when the permanent teeth set in, there’s no limit to which age you can get braces. Braces for adults can be beneficial to their oral health as well, get in touch with a dentist in Goa to know more details.

The Importance Of Braces: 

Braces for kids, as well as braces for adults, can help to rectify many problems concerned with oral health. Some of them are

1. Overcrowding and Crooked Teeth

Overcrowding of teeth could occur due to the size difference of the upper and lowers jaws as well as between the jaw and tooth size. It leads to many teeth forming in the same area, hence “crowding” takes place.

This makes it difficult to clean your teeth properly that could lead to more serious complexions with regards to oral health.

2. Diastema

Diastema is characterized by having gaps in your teeth. They can go unnoticed however when they’re in the front of your mouth they can cause several confidence issues. Thus braces for children as well as braces for adults help in closing this gap in the right way.

3. Overjet and overbite.

Commonly called buck teeth, overjet teeth refer to a condition where the upper teeth protrude out and there is a vast difference in alignment of the upper jaw and lower jaw. Overbite teeth refer to your upper jaw overlapping the lower jaw. It leads to difficulty in biting and chewing, damage to gums and teeth and could lead to breathing issues.

4. Underbite

Underbite refers to a condition where the lower jaw lies ahead of the upper jaw. It may cause difficulty in chewing as well as challenges with speaking.

5. The perfect smile

Braces for kids and braces for adults helps to give them the perfect smile.

Types Of Braces:

While in reality, they’re not half as daunting as they sound, and with innovation, you have the privilege to choose from multiple options depending on your budget, aesthetics, confidence and speed at which you want your treatment to last. Dentists in Goa offer these types of brace: 

  1. Traditional Braces / Metal Braces

The most well known and mental image that pops up when someone says braces. However, they’re plates are relatively smaller than what they used to be. Metal braces are made out of stainless steel. The brackets are bonded to the teeth and a metal wire is used to connect the braces.

Some braces also have rubber bands to increase the pressure at which the teeth are made to move.

The most common braces for kids, you can also avail color options. Do check in with your pediatric dentist in Goa.


Traditional braces are the most pocket friendly as well as give you color options when it comes to the metal brackets.


Traditional braces are the most visible of them all.

  1. Ceramic Braces

A popular choice amongst braces for adults, ceramic braces are hard to notice. Their brackets are translucent hence cant be detected easily. Their wires as well can be made with the same material making them more attractive.


Ceramic braces are relatively less visible than traditional braces and move your teeth faster than Invisalign.


Ceramic braces are relatively costlier compared to traditional braces. If not cared for, the bracket can get stained.

  1. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are made with the same metal brackets and wires as traditional braces, however they’re placed behind the teeth, hence not clearly visible.


Lingual braces are not visible as they’re placed behind your teeth.


Apart from being more costly, lingual braces are more difficult to clean and are not suitable in extreme cases. Lingual braces also take longer than metal braces to fix your teeth.

  1. Invisalign:

Invisalign consists of 18-30 mouth guard templates which are called aligners. They are generated using computer simulation and need to be changed every two weeks. When considering braces for adults, Invisalign can be one of the best options if the concern is a specific type of incorrect bite. It’s best to consult the pediatric dentist in Goa or dentist in Goa.

Advantages:Invisalign is clear and hence almost invisible. You can also eat and drink anything as you please.

Disadvantages: Invisalign, with being the best in the market can also be the costliest among the rest.

Braces are a common part of growing up for many children. Ask any pediatric dentist in Goa and they’ll confirm that a large number of children have braces. Braces require special care once installed to enhance their effectiveness. It’s important to clean your teeth properly as due to additional brackets and wires it can be quite the task. Smilecraft has trained dentists in Goa to help you through the procedure. If you’re looking for a dentist in Goa, more specifically for a dentist in Margao, we can guide you through the procedure of getting braces as well as post-treatment care for your teeth. The idea of braces can be terrifying to children, hence it’s ideal if a pediatric dentist in Goa for them to calmly explain the procedure in jargon that the child is comfortable with. Braces for kids are the best once their permanent set of teeth have come in and settled at the benefits of braces would have a lasting effect.

Braces for adults have immense benefits as well. They majorly help with your confidence as well as oral health. SmileCraft dentistry in Goa is ideal if you’re contemplating over the idea of braces. We always walk through the entire process with our clients, inform them about the various options available, as well as educate our clients regarding the do’s and don’ts of braces. We have special pediatric dentists in Goa as well for our little clients. Contact us at SmileCraft for any inquiries regarding braces, and do drop in our dental clinic in Margao in Goa for a consultation regarding braces in Goa. 

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