Looking for the perfect teeth set but wondering where to start? Cosmetic Dentistry is your solution! Through cosmetic dentistry, we can significantly improve ones smile by doing specialised procedures such as Dental Veneers, Smile Makeovers,Teeth Whitening and other such elective procedures. Our Cosmetic Dentist In Panjim will advise you on how you can get the smile you always wanted.


Also known as teeth bleaching, Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is safe and effective in removing discolouration and stains which lightens teeth enhancing their appearance. It is a relatively quick and inexpensive solution and the simplest form of smile makeover. Depending upon the condition of your teeth, your dentist may recommend either an Office Teeth Whitening or a Laser Teeth Whitening. Laser Teeth Whitening or Zoom Teeth Whitening is a commonly done procedure for Teeth Whitening Treatment that can significantly boost your confidence.


Gum depigmentation procedures are done to lighten black or pigmented gums. Due to excess of melanin deposits, the gums can look blotchy and discoloured with black patches. A quick and easy treatment option for it would be laser gum depigmentation. This corrects the blotchy appearance and can make your gums appear healthy and pink. Laser gum depigmentation works by gently removing the pigmented skin layer and allowing new skin to form on top of it. The procedure is quick and effective and can be completed in under an hour. Our cosmetic dentist in Panjim will ensure that you have a comfortable experience.


Always wanted a pleasing smile but not sure where to start? Visit our cosmetic dentist in Panjim and see how we can give you your desired Smile Makeover! We have been providing Smile Makeovers in Panjim since the last 10 years and have helped many patients achieve their dream smile. A Smile Makeover aims at enhancing your smile by improving the shape, alignment and colour of your teeth while also fixing missing teeth and other deformities. Whether it’s a conscious decision to improve your smile or your Big day, Trust us for your Smile Makeovers in Panjim and walk out with no regrets!


Dental Veneers also known as Porcelain Veneers are a form of treatment that enhances ones smile with the help of custom fabricated thin ceramic veneer shells that are cemented onto the outer surface of your teeth. Depending on the case, your dentist will recommend either Composite Veneers or Porcelain Veneers. The issues that a cosmetic dentist can be fix with dental veneers include Gaps in between teeth, Discolouration, Shape of your teeth and dents. Dental Veneers last a long time and hence are a cost effective solution for many dental issues.Visit us to know more about Teeth Veneers in Panjim.


A perfect smile has many components that go beyond teeth. The surrounding musculature around the mouth need to be healthy in order to support your smile and achieve the best aesthetic outcome. Dermal fillers help in enhancing your smile by working on the surrounding muscles and skin. They wipe away signs of ageing and give you a more youth full appearance. Fillers can also be used as an adjunct in relieving the stress placed on your teeth and as a treatment for gummy smile by a non surgical approach. Contact us to know more about Fillers.


Aligners are transparent trays that cause teeth movement just like Teeth Braces and are used to improve the alignment of your teeth. Aligner treatment such as Invisalign are very effective and highly aesthetic in correcting ones smile. Unlike conventional braces, Clear Aligners can be removed while eating and are comfortable to wear even while sleeping at night. We are one of the few Invisalign certified clinics in Goa. Clear aligners are also easy to maintain and highly effective.

Ever wondered how your favourite celebrity has the perfect set of teeth? The answer is cosmetic dentistry! Cosmetic dentistry aims at enhancing one’s smile through specialised dental treatments such as Porcelain veneers, Teeth Whitening, Smile Makeovers and other procedures that are often elective in nature. Visit our Cosmetic dentist in Panjim and we will help you achieve a perfect smile!

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Panjim: FAQs

Yes, at times if the teeth to be veneered are very dark, we prefer doing a round of teeth whitening first followed by veneers to get a better masking of the underlying shade.
The cost of teeth whitening in Goa and dental veneers varies depending upon the type of whitening and veneers. Treatment cost can start from 5000 rupees onwards.
Yes, teeth whitening treatment when performed by a professional is completely safe and does not cause any harm to your enamel.
Teeth whitening treatment is extremely efficient when the case selection is proper. The options range from at home professional teeth whitening to laser teeth whitening treatment.
The cost of teeth veneers in Goa varies depending upon the type of veneers and starts from 7000 rupees onwards.

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