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With good orthodontic treatment, getting rid of crooked teeth and improper bites can be easier & faster. Be it metal, lingual or invisalign, we help you choose the perfect braces in Goa, for your teeth.

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What is Orthodontics?

Protruding and crooked teeth can be a major concern. It makes it difficult to maintain oral hygiene, which causes tooth decay and leads to tooth loss. Crooked teeth also affect the bite efficiency. Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that corrects improper teeth and jaws. Orthodontics includes cosmetic dentistry too, if patients aim to improve their appearance. The main aim of Orthodontics is to achieve proper teeth alignment, and create a healthy bite.

Services We Offer

Dental Braces

Dental braces are orthodontic tools that help straighten your teeth. Dental braces are fixed appliances mounted on your teeth, until recovered. Dental braces are not just used for treating misaligned teeth , it also aims at creating a healthy bite. Here are the various types of Dental braces available at Smile Craft Goa that can help you in straightening your teeth.

Smiley face Metal Braces

Metal Braces are one of the least expensive and commonly used orthodontic treatment method, available for teeth misalignment and crowded teeth. It consists of metal brackets arch archwires, elastic ligature, which exerts pressure on the teeth, to make it straight. It is effective even for severe cases like teeth overcrowding.

Smiley face Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are dental braces made of ceramic or porcelain. This makes it almost invisible and does not alter your appearance. It also helps you keep your orthodontic treatment low profile. Ceramic braces tend to be less painful since it does not cause gum irritation.These braces are strong and do not chip off easily.

Smiley face Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are perfect for patients who want their teeth straightened without showing the braces. These custom-made braces are mounted on the backside of your teeth. Not all dental clinics offer this as it requires training & an experienced orthodontist. But, we at Smile Craft Goa strive to offer you what most don’t.

Smiley face Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the best and premium orthodontic treatment for teeth misalignment. Invisalign or invisible aligners are a series of removable invisible braces that help straighten your teeth. It is highly esthetic and very easy to use. The aligners are metal free, and hence there are less chances for gum irritation.

Functional Appliances

Functional appliance is a type of orthodontic appliance used for problems that arise in your teeth due to musculo-skeletal problems. They are used commonly in a growing child and are simple to wear.

Smiley face Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

A fixed appliance is bounded to the teeth with adhesive or cement. Fixed dental braces are a perfect example of Fixed Appliances. Fixed appliances are specifically used for issues like Crowded teeth, cross bite etc. These orthodontic tools help in proper tooth alignment which in turn helps to maintain good oral hygiene. It cannot be removed by the patient and is very effective in causing tooth movement.

Smiley face Removable Orthodontic Appliances

Removable appliances are personalised orthodontic appliances that fit in your mouth and easy to remove. to help in your orthodontic plan. Although removable appliances are convenient, it is not used to treat severe cases. These are lighter than the fixed ones and apply lesser pressure as well. Simple malocclusions like rotation and tipping can be treated with removable appliances.

Got Questions? We Have Answers

Each dental braces have its merits and demerits. Depending on the patient’s needs, and oral condition the doctor will decide the ideal type of dental braces.

Patients with dental problems like crooked teeth or incorrect bites can undergo treatment at any age and benefit from it. While there is no age limit for Orthodontic treatment , treatment generally starts at 12- 13 once most of the permanent teeth have erupted.

Invisalign is ideal for moderate tooth misalignment cases. It can be used for severe cases but the duration will be much longer than traditional braces.

Straight teeth will give you a healthy bite, which in turn helps prevent cavities, since food won’t be logged between the teeth. It also helps to keep good oral hygiene. Straight teeth also allows us to smile confidently.

The duration of the treatment will depend of the severity of your teeth.If the problem is moderate it will take 18 to 24 months. Once the braces are removed teeth may shift back to their original position. But that depends on how you take care of them. In this case, retainers can be used to prevent this. Retainer helps in keeping the teeth straight after dental braces are removed.

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