Does teeth whitening have any side effects? Find out here!

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful set of pristine white teeth that shine bright when you smile? Teeth are the most prominent facial feature and hence people notice them immediately. This is why everyone chooses to regularly brush and floss their teeth. But at times, your teeth tend to become discolored, even after routinely brushing them. However, there is a solution.

Nowadays, people prefer opting for teeth whitening in Goa to restore the brightness of their pearly whites. But is an artificial teeth whitening procedure free of all side effects? Let us find out more!

Reasons for discoloration of your Teeth

Even when you rigorously brush your teeth every morning, they slowly discolour due to age. As you grow older the outer layer of enamel on your teeth becomes dilapidated exhibiting the natural yellow color of the dentin. Excessive smoking also causes your teeth to stain. Drinks like tea, coffee, red wine, and black currant- flavored drinks add on to the stains. While these are only some of the most common causes of teeth discolouration, there are so many more reasons that our dentists in Goa can diagnose during your personalised consultation appointment in Goa.

Side effects and other considerations

Not everyone is blessed with shiny bright teeth for their entire life. Luckily, teeth whitening procedures today are considered to be very safe. However, some people do experience side effects from teeth whitening if it’s not carried out by an experienced cosmetic dentist. When you choose to go for a teeth whitening procedure, the following two are the temporary effects that the procedure has on your teeth.

1. Sensitivity in your Teeth

Although less common due to change in composition of modern whitening agents, some people tend to experience mild sensitivity which may decrease with time and can be easily managed by following instructions given by your dentist. At this point, our dentists in Goa will recommend you use products that have potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel to ease the sensitivity post the teeth whitening procedure.

2. Irritation in the Gums

This is more common with over the counter and home whitening agents.During the process, your gums come in contact with the whitening product. This causes mild irritation in your gums. The gums may get swollen and appear slightly red. However, this effect tends to fade away after your teeth whitening treatment. During Teeth whitening done in the dental office, your dentist will use a gum barrier which will prevent the whitening agent from coming in contact with your gums and hence this is a better option over home and over the counter whitening procedures.

How to maintain your teeth post teeth whitening procedure?

The colour of your teeth majorly depends on your oral hygiene as well as the eating and drinking habits. To maintain the colour of your teeth post your teeth whitening treatment, you must make sure to use a mouthwash every time after having your meal. This will prevent filling of food around your tooth cavities that goes on to form plaque. Excessive intake of beverages like coffee and tea should be avoided.

Brushing along with flossing your teeth twice a day helps you preserve the color in your teeth. Since you cannot whiten your teeth on a permanent basis, strict oral hygiene should be followed.

Use only Dentist- approved methods for oral hygiene

Teeth Whitening can be a tricky business if you do not know the intensity of the process. Thus, always consult an expert dentist. Make sure you get complete guidelines from a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, especially if you have implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Why hide that beautiful smile in fear of exposing your discolored teeth. Contact our dentist’s at Smile Craft Dental Clinic to get teeth whitening in Goa, today! After all teeth whitening is absolutely safe, in the hands of an experienced dental professional.

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