The Connection and Role of Oral Health on Your Overall Health

Do you know how maintaining good oral health could be the best way for you to save money for yourself and your family? Having good oral health is important in order to prevent taking costly trips to the doctor due to the health complications caused by oral disease. Common oral problems like cavities and gum infections could further develop into more serious conditions like heart disease and diabetes, among others. 

Smile Craft Dental Clinic In Goa, is here to educate you with some of the top Dentists in Panjim, on how taking care of your oral health will inadvertently be a blessing for your overall health. Thereby saving you from the possible financial strains of hospital bills, in addition to other life benefits.

What are the connections between oral health and general health

The mouth doesn’t just function to let us consume food. It can also be a major indicator of a person’s overall health. Within our mouth, lives a complex ecosystem of good and bad bacteria. The harmful bacteria can sometimes thrive and harm the body due to improper oral care, this in turn, could lead to diseases, and in some cases, lifelong ailments like Diabetes.

Connection between Oral Health and Diabetes

Poor oral health could make you more prone to developing severe gum diseases, which in turn, could cause Diabetes in some extreme cases. Gum Diseases cause inflammation and infection risks, thereby making it harder to control blood sugar levels in those with Diabetes. Vice versa, high blood sugar levels make you more prone to oral issues like periodontitis and other oral infections. By addressing your oral health issues as soon as possible, you will ensure fewer complications due to Diabetes. This will therefore help reduce your Diabetes related hospital bills in the long run, while making other health-related issues more manageable. 

Connection between Oral Health and Alzheimer’s

Several studies, including one done by the University of Central Lancashire, suggested the influence of oral infections on brain health due to a potential pathway caused by the presence of periodontal bacteria in Alzheimer’s patients. This in turn increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease caused by the effects of chronic inflammation and infections due to these bacteria. In order to lower the chances of developing Alzheimer’s, those vulnerable to this disease should take special care of their oral health proactively. This will help you save significantly on medical expenses and treatment, by taking care of your mental health and finances.

Indirect overall health benefits due to good oral health

Reduced Bills Due to Dental Procedures: Fixing common oral issues (such as cavities) at the right time due to regular dental checkups can prevent them from getting worse. This in turn saves you from having to deal with more painful and complicated dental issues down the road, which would have cost you more in medical bills.

Enhanced productivity: Taking care of your oral health reduces painful oral issues like toothaches and gum infections, thereby letting you concentrate on work better. Addressing oral issues at the right time and preventing the need for complicated surgeries, ensures less need for taking sick leaves for surgery and recovery. 

Better Self-confidence and Mental Health: Having good oral health can give you a more attractive appearance and pleasant breath, thereby improving your self-esteem. This in turn helps in professional settings to make a better impression. Having good oral health also reduces the stress caused due to health-related concerns and costly oral care bills. Being stress-free and confident indirectly improves your work performance thereby proving to be a financial benefit in the long run.

Steps to improve your oral and overall well-being

You can start by taking proactive measures in your lifestyle and routine: 

  • Practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing every day, in addition to gargling with a good mouthwash.
  • Keep a clean and healthy diet by including crunchy vegetables and fruits and reduce acidic and sugary junk food.
  • Aiming for a healthier lifestyle by getting adequate sleep and regular exercise can do wonders, not only for your oral health but also for your overall well-being.

Besides these, visiting a professional dentist regularly plays an important role in your overall health.

Regular checkups allow you to identify and fix common dental issues while they’re still at their initial stage. Thereby preventing them from leading to other conditions like heart disease and diabetes in the future.

Regular checkups can also be helpful in finding signs or indications of any other severe illnesses that you may not be aware of. Signs such as mouth sores, abnormal swelling, extreme bad breath, etc., could be a sign of some overall health problem that your body is trying to hint at.

Smile Craft Dental Clinic In Goa  is a team of some of the Best Dentists in Panjim that  provide premium dental care for you and your family. With a team of internationally qualified dental specialists, we promise to ensure that your oral and overall health is always at its best! Visit our website to book your consultation or head over to our Panjim clinic today!

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