Why your oral health is crucial to your overall health?

Did you know that over 37% of people admit that the first thing they notice about a person is their smile? This should be enough motivation to keep your teeth in pristine healthy condition but instead, when it comes to oral healthcare, there still exists a lack of education and awareness on how important maintenance can be. Unfortunately what most people don’t realize is that these oral problems could further lead to more serious problems. Diseases that could be Respiratory, Kidney related, Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, or even exacerbation of your Diabetes related problems.

While most Indians know the basis of oral healthcare, many still are indifferent to following it properly. Due to which not only do they end up spending twice as much money on dental treatments down the road, but also making them vulnerable to other, more serious health risks.

Getting your regular dental checkups can help detect any oral issue at an early stage, during which you get to rectify and treat them early on, as well as detect more serious underlying health issues that could come as warning signs through oral infections. An extreme example would be how in some cases of persistent or unusual oral lesions, it can be a sign of more severe health issues, including autoimmune diseases (such as lupus or pemphigus), oral cancers, or infections like HIV.

Smile Craft Dental Clinic in Panjim is one of the top rated dental clinics in Goa that can provide you with your regular dental checkups, along a wide range of dental services such as: tooth extractions, orthodontics, dental implants, root canal treatments as well as cosmetic dentistry. All this, with the focus being on elevating the patient’s experience through a comfortable and friendly environment. Because at Smile Craft we provide you with the Best Dentist in Panjim who strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, therefore we are determined to help you stay on top of your oral health game.

Why is Oral Health so important to Overall Health?

Your Oral Health can also be a window into the general well being of your body, indicating what’s happening within. Several studies indicate that individuals with gum disease and periodontitis are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes, and even pregnancy complications. 

This can happen in a number of ways such as building of plaque due to poor oral hygiene, which in turn can help the bacteria transport to your bloodstream, thereby affecting your overall health. In the absence of proper dental hygiene, bacteria can grow to the point where they result in oral infections, such as gum disease and tooth decay.The bacteria may even compromise general health. This is because your mouth is the first line of defense and an entrance to the rest of your body. Which is why good dental hygiene practices like brushing and flossing, keep this bad bacteria at bay.

Connection between Oral and Mental Health

Your overall health, including your oral health, is influenced by your mental state of mind. Oral health issues, such as gum and tooth problems, are more common in people with mental health issues and vice versa. 

Eating may be difficult if you suffer from anxiety, depression, or another mental illness. Additionally, you may consume excessive amounts of sugary foods and drinks, or even indulge in smoking and drinking. While this temporarily improves your mood but it can also lead to cavities and tooth decay. 

On the other hand, a deteriorated state of oral health can stress you out mentally. You might find it difficult to eat or drink in front of other people, or you might feel self-conscious about your teeth. This may make you avoid social situations, which could be detrimental to your wellbeing.

Children are more vulnerable

Children who have poor oral health can experience serious and far-reaching consequences. Oral health and dental hygiene are vital components of general health and wellbeing, and problems in childhood can have long-term effects. Several factors contribute to children’s poor oral health:

Tooth Decay and Toothaches: Kids with bad high sugar diets, along with improper oral hygiene routines, make themselves vulnerable to Tooth Decays and Toothaches. 

Infections: Tooth decay can lead to infections in the mouth, which may require antibiotics or even dental surgery. In some cases, these dental infections can lead to more serious health problems if bacteria enters the bloodstream.

All this can lead to irritability, difficulty concentrating in school, and disrupted sleep patterns. These issues can affect a child’s overall quality of life. Which is why it is important to take your kid for regular checkups and make sure they’re staying on top of their oral hygiene game.

Dental problems can start early but Smile Craft Dental Clinic will provide you with the best dentist in Panjim for all your pediatric needs. So look no further if you are searching for a pediatric dentist in Panjim, because we are home to some of the most professional and gentle dentists in the city. 

Just give us a call at either our Panjim or Margao clinic for consultations and appointments and we’ll have you sorted.

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