Why do we need Dental Implants? Dental Implants Procedure and Cost

Most young adults beyond the age of 40 are at least missing one tooth. This is mainly due to poor oral hygiene and lack of awareness of preventive dental procedures. It is important to replace a tooth when it is extracted unless it is a wisdom tooth. Thus, Dental Implants are becoming an increasingly common option. Here is all you need to know about getting Dental Implants In Goa.

Why choose Goa for getting Dental Implants in India?

Goa is becoming an increasingly popular destination when it comes to dental tourism. Its beautiful beaches along with many historical places and party spots makes it the perfect holiday destination. Also, Goa is a very affordable place when considering a holiday.

Is it safe to get a dental implant done abroad?

Yes, the standard of treatment is similar and global protocols of sterilization and disinfection are followed to ensure your safety.

What are the types of dental implants Smilecraft do in Goa?

We do all kinds of globally recognised dental implants such as Straumann, Osstem and Nobel BioCare.

Is getting a Dental Implant a painful procedure?

No, getting an implant placed is a relatively painless procedure.

What is the duration required to get Full Mouth Dental Implants In Goa?

The total duration of treatment needed to get full mouth dental implants in Margao varies between 4-7 months including the healing time and time taken to fix the teeth. During your first visit to Goa, the full mouth implants can be installed. You would need to come back after 6 months when the implants have healed to place the teeth on top of the dental implants.

How much does it cost to get Dental Implants In Goa?

The treatment cost of dental implants In Goa can vary based upon case to case and starts from Rs 25000/- per implant.

What are the different types of dental implant treatment in Goa?

We offer dental implant treatment services such as single tooth dental implants, full mouth dental implants and all on 4 dental implants.

Why choose Smile Craft for my Dental Implants In India?

At Smile Craft, we follow a comprehensive treatment approach. 

Our Specialists will put you at ease during the entire procedure and we are one of the top rated clinics for Dental Implants in Goa.

Where are you located In Goa?

If you are searching for a Dental Implants clinic near you, we have two branches. One located In Margao and the other in Panjim-Goa.

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