All You Need To Know About Dental Implants In Goa

Goa is a very popular tourism destination in India. Its pristine beaches and lovely culture makes it a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. Many tourists opt to get medical and dental treatment done while in Goa as the standard of treatment is high and also the prices are more affordable when compared to clinics abroad. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding getting Dental Implants done in Goa.

Are getting dental implants done while in Goa safe?

Yes, getting implants or any other dental treatment is safe. We follow strict sterilization protocols using Class-B surgical autoclaves which is the gold standard. Plus, the procedure is carried out by experienced specialists only.

How long do I have to plan my stay?

This depends upon the treatment plan. Usually , your dentist will place your implant in the first appointment and ask you to come back after 6 months to a year for the crown. This is to allow adequate healing time for the implant to fuse to your bone.

How do I know what treatment I require?

You can get in touch with us via email. We will advise a couple of pictures, X-rays and scans to enable us to get a rough idea and give an estimate. The final estimate will be provided upon a proper clinical examination following which a treatment plan will be made and all costs involved will be explained.

Is it possible to get crowns done on the same day?

In certain cases yes. This depends upon the amount of initial support available after the implant has been placed. If your dentist feels the support is sufficient, he will go ahead with the crown placement as well.

What is the cost for getting dental implants in Goa?

The cost of Dental Implants varies and depends upon the type of implant used, quality of bone and if other procedures such as a bone graft is required. In general the cost of Dental Implants in Goa ranges between 25000-40000 Rupees.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a procedure done when there isn’t adequate natural bone available to support the implant. Your dentist will use synthetic bone to support the implant adequately.

Are getting dental implants done painful?

No, the procedure is painless as it is done under local anesthesia. Post the implant placement, mild to moderate swelling and discomfort for about 4-7days can be anticipated and is easily taken care of by prescription medication that your dentist will provide.

Where are your dental clinics located in Goa?

For the convenience of our patients, we have two branches. One in North Goa- Panjim , while the other in South Goa-Margao.

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