The Power of a perfect smile and why you need it

The Power of a perfect smile and why you need it

Smiling is often thought of as the result of a positive outlook or happy situation. While you are certainly more likely to smile when things are looking up, the power of your pearly whites can work in both directions.

Sometimes, smiling will give you a boost of chemicals that can help produce positive emotions even when you’re not initially feeling them. A forced smile may seem counterintuitive when you’re facing an unpleasant situation.

But this could be just what you need to get through the hard times. Here are few of the powers of a perfect smile and why you need it.

4. Reduced Stress

You may not think of a smile as the correct response to a stressful situation, but this may be just what you need. A study performed at Yale university proved that smiling reduces the body’s heart rate during stressful situations.

Further research has proven that those who smile during a challenging task, exhibited slower heart rates. Why is that? Well, smiling is believed to boost levels of serotonin, even when the smile is forced. Serotonin is a natural stress reducer in the brain. So be sure to harness this power of a smile to help you deal with difficulties better.

3. Increased Happiness

Most people think of a smile as the result of happiness, not the cause of it. However, we at Smilecraft Goa believe that putting on a smile can actually help you feel happier. As the famed Indian Neurologist, Dr. Isha Gupta, explains that smiling creates a chemical reaction in the brain that produces dopamine. Low dopamine levels are often associated with depression, while higher levels of dopamine produce a feeling of happiness.

Also, grinning along with a group may help you laugh more easily at jokes and enjoy a more positive perception of what’s going on.

2. Improved Pain Tolerance

Though smiling alone isn’t scientifically linked with a higher pain tolerance, adding laughter to the mix may offer the key to withstanding discomfort better.

Laughing with others is a key part of this phenomenon. In a recent study, people who laughed alone did not enjoy the same benefit. Laughing seems to improve one’s ability to withstand pain in the immediate aftermath.

If you have a painful procedure coming up, you may find it easier to handle if you sit down and have a good laugh with some friends beforehand.

1. Beating the mood swings

If you’re feeling depressed or easily annoyed sometimes, smiling may help. The boost in serotonin and endorphins in the brain will help boost positive emotions. While grinning isn’t the only thing you can do to beat the mood swings, it’s certainly one treatment option you can pair with other strategies to enjoy a more positive outlook to a bad day.

So what’s keeping you away from the power of a perfect smile?

Now that you know the power of a smile, it’s time to address any issues that are keeping you from showing off your bright grin. If you’re dealing with discoloration, gaps, chipped teeth, or other cosmetic issues, you may be less likely to smile no matter what the situation. When you have beautiful pearly whites to show off, however, you might find excuses to smile even when life is presenting you with a challenge.

How to Get the Perfect Smile

We at Smilecraft Goa offer all kinds of ways to achieve the look you want for your teeth. Be it porcelain veneers to cover chips or imperfections in your teeth. Or the usual straightening out of crooked teeth, correcting bite issues, and relieving crowding.

We replace missing teeth or diseased teeth with dental implants in Goa that look natural and beautiful. If you’re looking for the best dental clinic in Goa that can clean, straighten, and whiten your teeth, then you’ve come to right place. A gorgeous and natural smile awaits you at the end of our dental treatment in Goa.

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