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FAQ’s related to Orthodontic Treatment in Goa?

Each kind of Dental Braces treatment have its merits and demerits. Depending on the patient’s needs and oral condition the doctor will decide the ideal type of dental braces for you.
Patients with dental problems like crooked teeth or incorrect bites can undergo treatment at any age and benefit from it. While there is no age limit for Orthodontic treatment ,treatment generally starts at 12- 13 once most of the permanent teeth have erupted.
Invisalign is ideal for moderate tooth misalignment cases. It can be used for severe cases but the duration will be longer.
Straight teeth will give you a healthy bite, which in turn helps prevent cavities, since food won’t be logged between the teeth. It also helps to keep good oral hygiene. Straight teeth also allows us to smile confidently.
The duration of the treatment will depend of the severity of your teeth. If the problem is moderate it will take 18 to 24 months. Once the braces are removed teeth may shift back to their original position. But that depends on how you take care of them. In this case, retainers can be used to prevent this. Permanent Retainers help in keeping the teeth straight after dental braces are removed.
No, We at Smile Craft believe in a non-invasive treatment approach and try and avoid teeth extractions whenever possible. However, although we manage most of our treatment without extractions certain cases would need teeth extraction followed by closing the spaces.
The cost of Teeth Braces Treatment in Goa varies from case to case, Type of Teeth Braces and case complexity. With our easy Payement plans, Teeth Braces Treatment in Margao starts from approximately 1500 Rupees per month.

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