Black Gums: Causes and Solution

Have you ever noticed dark spots around your teeth? Like most others, you might get more conscious about your face and hence tend to smile less too. Gums play an important role in enhancing our smiles. 

If dark gums are plaguing your smile, you should definitely read on. This blog will not only help you find the solution to darkened gums but also shed more light on why you might be facing this issue. 

What are black gums?

Black gums also called darkened gums, according to scientific research, it is assumed that it is a result of the production of excess melanin, which in turn, results in turning the natural pink coloured gums to a darker shade.

What causes black gums?

Just like the colors of skin, gum colors are diverse in people. Healthy gums usually range from pink to dark brown color and even black. The only person who can help you identify if you have diseased or natural gums is your dentist.If you are self-examining and find unusual patches, change of color, and foul smell, time to visit the dentist. Here are a few of the causes to start with: 

  • Amalgam tattoos: When you have tooth cavities, your dentist suggests fillings. These fillings are worked with an element called AmalgamPossibly, it logs into the area around the gum, causing black spots. The dentist can easily treat it as quick as in one checkup. These spots are avoidable. Ask your dentist to use dental dams which can separate the teeth and gums when you go for a filling treatment next time.
  • Consumption of tobacco: Any mediums of addiction like cigarettes, etc. contain tobacco that can affect your health adversely, including gums.
  • Medication: If you are undergoing medications and disease treatments, it is common to have black gums. The discolouration will keep decreasing or increasing, depending on the dosage and medicine types. You can speak to your doctor or for a regular checkup to a dentist. 
  • Systemic diseases: Conditions like Necrotising Gingivitis, Peutz–Jeghers and Addison’s affects the adrenal glands, which can vary the hormones in the person having it. As the progression of the disease, gums can start darkening.
  • Melanin: Melanin is responsible for the color of the skin, hair, eyes, and body. Like mentioned before, there is a difference between gum disease and the natural color of the same. But, if there are eventual patches, it can be probably the gum disease.

How to prevent dark gums?

1.Maintain proper oral hygiene:

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is an important part of preventing dark gums. Regular brushing, flossing, & use of mouthwash is necessary. The motive behind this is to avoid plaque building, dental caries and similar mouth diseases and thus, to avoid gum darkening.

2. Get your Systemic diseases treated or medications altered if required:

Necrotising gingivitis, Peutz Jeghers and Addison’s can be broadly put under the category “ SYSTEMIC DISEASES”. One can commonly have darkened or black gums if they are going through these. Usually, medications can be altered or changed in order to avoid black gums.

3. Cessation of habits such as smoking:

If you are an ardent user of tobacco, it could very well be one of the major causes of the black gums. Restricting the usage of these products will not only help to maintain oral health but also will help to save yourself from various health problems associated with the products.

4. Replacement of old silver fillings:

The teeth fillings may be long-lasting, however, they are in need of replacement, after a certain time. The fillings which have chipped, worn out, or cracked can produce gaps between the teeth, allowing tooth decay and gum darkening. Gums contain the tooth nerves with blood supply which is the utmost important reason to replace the old fillings.

5. Keep regular checkup:

It is very common to search for a doctor only when we see the symptoms. Instead, in regular check-ups, the doctors can help you underlying and unknown diseases. Whether you are a health enthusiast or a doctor yourself, it is mandatory to visit a specialist of particular studies.

What solutions does a Cosmetic Dentist offer? 

With all said and done, if you still need to get your gum colour to normal, a gum exam performed by our cosmetic dentist in Goa can determine the best way to treat gum problems. Deep gum pockets may indicate advanced periodontal disease. 

Periodontal disease treatment can begin at the dental office with a thorough dental cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist. A gum specialist (periodontist) can treat more advanced gum problems that persist after initial treatment. 

Lastly, there is gum surgery to treat areas that do not respond to scaling and root planing and/or medications. The goal of gum surgery is to remove diseased tissue, preserve the remaining gums and bone, and create an environment that is easy to keep clean. 

Our Expert Cosmetic Dentists in Goa perform gum surgeries such as gingivectomy (to trim or recontour gums), connective tissue graft (to strengthen weak areas of the gum line), and pocket reduction (to eliminate deep pockets that trap food debris and bacteria).
So if you are facing any issues with your gums, be it a medical condition or just cosmetic dentistry, Head over or call Smilecraft Dental Clinic in Goa to book an appointment to get those gums back to normal.

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