Teeth Whitening-The Fastest Smile Makeover

October 3, 2022

Who doesn’t desire a set of whiter teeth? Your smile is the first thing someone notices in you and we all would want to make the best first impression! Teeth whitening is the simplest cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be undertaken in as less as 1 hour. Here are some myths and facts about teeth whitening.


Myth # 1: Teeth Whitening Is Permanent.

It is not a permanent solution, your teeth have a tendency to discolour again with time. The more you follow instructions the longer your results can last. If your looking at something more permanent, you can consider getting Dental Veneers done.


Myth #2:  Teeth Whitening cannot be done if my teeth discolour again.

Not true, it can be safely done every 6 months, depending on the extent of discolouration sometimes a simple touch up with a teeth whitening at home kit made by your cosmetic dentist is more than sufficient.


Myth #3: Teeth Whitening Damages The Enamel.

Absolutely Not! Teeth Whitening, irrespective of whether laser teeth whitening, Zoom teeth whitening or teeth whitening at home using bleaching trays has no effect on teeth enamel. It happens by a process known as oxidation which does not damage your teeth.


Myth #4: Teeth Whitening will make my teeth sensitive.

Immediately after Laser teeth whitening, your teeth may be a little sensitive for about a day or two. This can be immediately managed with the help of a sensitive tooth paste and resolves quickly without any long term effects.


Myth #5: It is impossible to whiten teeth with fillings

While fillings cannot be whitened, this can be easily resolved by updating your fillings after the whitening by choosing the fillings matching the color of your teeth enamel


Why choose Smile Craft ?

At Smile Craft we provide various affordable teeth whitening and cosmetic solutions such as Laser Teeth Whitening, Zoom Teeth Whitening and also specialise in Wedding Smile Makeovers using Teeth Veneers. We are also constantly rated as One of the Best Cosmetic Dentist In Margao-Goa.

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Eva Braganca
Eva Braganca
13:41 19 Nov 22
After reading positive reviews, I wanted to give it a try, I must say I had a very good experience. I had a filling done with another dentist for my front tooth, it was not matching my tooth colour.When smiling people used to tell me I have lipstick on my teeth and I had to tell them that it’s a filling and not lipstick. Dr. Schuyler had replaced the filling which is matching my teeth colour. He is very informative and explains everything in details which is easy for the patient to understand. Very happy with their service. In future will be getting my implants done with him. Highly recommended.
Siddanth Shetty
Siddanth Shetty
07:13 11 Nov 22
Cool Dentist period!!I am visiting this clinic from past 3 months, got the best treatment possible. I had a front chipped tooth which Dr Schuyler fixed and made it look as it was naturally ,which boosted my confidence in social and professional life. I was treated by Dr Anthea also she was the sweetest doctor ever taking care of her patients in the most professional way. The staff is too good with the patients , giving follow-up calls and reminders in a very polite and gentle way.Overall one of the best Dentist clinic. Worth it.
E 19
E 19
07:25 14 Jul 22
With the pandemic in 2019, I never consulted a dentist until I moved back to Goa, India, last month (June 2022).As I was googling and looking for a good dentist in Margao, I came across - Smile Craft. Their website was nice and fancy among all the other dental clinics, but I wasn't sure if they were the best.Yet, I thought I would give them a shot. My primary concern was my molar which went wrong after I did a root canal years back. So I got my appointment booked and was consulted by Dr. Schuyler.The first thing I mentioned to him was let's extract the molar instead of fixing it, as I had no hope of improving it. However, Dr. Schuyler wasn't ready to extract it and believed it still could be fixed. Dr. Schuyler and their team always provide the best advice to get that beautiful smile crafted :)Well, If it could be all fixed - I was all up for it. After a couple of visits, my teeth are as good as they could be. Their team uses A1 quality dental filling; you can't even notice you have a filling. It matches your tooth color, unlike some dentists using cheap quality, which feels like POP stuck on your teeth.Also, they're very cautious while completing their dental procedure with no pain at all. I nearly dozed off once.I think the Smile Craft team is one of the best out there. I recommend it to everyone looking to get their smile crafted by the best team - SMILE CRAFT is the place!!
20:37 23 Apr 22
Dr Schuyler is very friendly and truly a spectacular dentist. The quality of service I received during my treatment is simply outstanding. I have done 1 filling, and one tooth implant ,which was done with gentle care and no pain, during the implant Dr explain everything to me what he was doing which I think is very professional.Overall my experience in the surgery was amazing. I would like to say special thanks to Dr Schuyler ,and everyone who works at Smile Craft ,you all doing a great job.Highly recommend
Pavitra Sahay
Pavitra Sahay
13:11 21 Jan 22
Dr Schuyler is one of the best dentists in Goa! Had visited him for a couple of tooth colored fillings and was very impressed. His work stands out, I cannot even tell that my tooth has a filling! It looks so natural! The clinic is clean and the staff is very polite and professional. Yes, it did take me time to get an appointment, but now I realize why. Certainly recommend Smile Craft to anyone looking at getting quality dental treatment done.
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