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December 28th, 2018 In dental-care

A growing number of qualified professional dentists now provide treatments with botulinum toxin, otherwise known as Botox, for the patients for both cosmetic and therapeutic use. For the Therapeutic Dental procedures, Smile Craft Goa offers BOTOX injections that help in relieving pain and retaining muscles to eliminate some serious disorders like grinding, clenching etc. As for the BOTOX in Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Craft Goa primarily uses it to help in reducing lines and wrinkles on your skin and making your smiles look flawless.

Let’s delve more into the diverse applications of BOTOX in detail below.

What is BOTOX?

Botox is a trade name used for botulinum toxin, which comes in the form of a purified protein. There are many medical and dental conditions which do not have complete treatment modalities in conventional ways. When muscles contract away from skin, it causes wrinkles. The BOTOX can be used to iron out the wrinkles on your skin by attaching to a muscle and preventing it from contracting. It is considered to be one of the most popular use in cosmetic facial treatments offered by Smile Craft Goa.

What most of you don’t know is that this same property of Botox can relax other muscles in the jaw and face for pain relief or support of orthodontics, in Dentistry.

Uses of BOTOX in Cosmetic Dentistry

The use of Botox is a minimally invasive procedure and is showing quite promising results in management of muscle-generated dental issues. Smile Craft Goa brings you some of the primary uses and applications of BOTOX in Dentistry and Cosmetic purposes:

1.Botox can treat tooth & jaw issues

Smile Craft Goa provides Dental Botox treatments that can be used to treat a variety of dental disorders, such as bruxism, clenching, abnormally large jaw muscles, and jaw muscle spasms. It can even be used to relax your jaw muscles so that dental implants can heal and set properly. Dental BOTOX treatments by Smile Craft Goa are said to give an immense relief from the jaw pain and headaches caused by teeth clenching.  

2. Botox can make your face wrinkle-free

Botox is your best friend if you want a quick solution to smooth the facial lines and wrinkles around your lips and forehead. Botox, which is short for Botulinum toxin A, works well in this case by temporarily freezing or immobilizing the muscles near your wrinkles. It smoothes out the skin and helps in making you look youthful and your smile flawless as ever. Consult the BOTOX expert at Smile Craft Clinic today and start feeling younger just not at heart but also by appearance.

3. Botox can eliminate Gummy Smiles

The beauty of dental Botox is that it gives a ready-to-go solution for conditions like gummy smiles, by making them less invasive. In many cases, the treatment for gummy smile is to surgically sever the muscles of the upper lip or carve away some of the gum tissue. While those may sound painful, Smile Craft Goa uses Dental Botox to help in treating the same condition without cutting into healthy tissue and muscle and reducing the severity.

Why consult a dentist for BOTOX treatments?

Dentists who are qualified and authorized to use Botox, can offer you a level of treatment that many Botox treatment providers can’t match upto. This is only because dentists have a thorough training in the bone and muscular architecture of your face. They know how to help you retain your natural looks while relieving your symptoms and cosmetic issues. The advanced training that the dentists receive in the oral and maxillofacial areas (i.e. the area of the face from chin to forehead) qualify them for Botox artistry. Lip lines, puckered chins and upside down or gummy smiles, need a targeted and personalized treatment for natural results. And this precision can only be provided by Dentists who can help you achieve the results you want. Smile Craft Clinic in Margao, Goa offers a superior quality of Botox Treatments in Goa that do not cause any adverse effects for you. We also specialise in providing Dermal Fillers in Goa.

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