5 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

November 21st, 2018 In dental-care

As a part of a cosmetic dentistry procedure, professional teeth whitening is important because teeth are the center of many of the interactions that we have each day. Besides being sold to the idea of a bright smile, people have also come to realize the health benefits that come with it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose professional teeth whitening for brighter teeth:

  1. Faster Results
    While you might try to tackle the problem of yellow teeth by using the teeth whitening kits used at home, you must understand that these products have a lower concentration of peroxide and usually take multiple applications to see any difference. And upon seeing the difference after a while, the effects aren’t long lasting either. Conversely, professional teeth whitening treatments offer almost instant, dramatic results from a single session and always takes place after a thorough cleaning, making your whitening process more effective.
  2. A confident Smile
    A smile is one of the first things people notice about you. As we age, the enamel on our teeth can become worn down. This makes it easier for our teeth to become stained and discolored by what we eat and drink. To counteract this and maintain a youthful smile, whitening can put life back into your teeth, and thus help you smile confidently.
  3. Minimize tooth sensitivity
    Sensitivity is one of the most common side effects of teeth whitening. Using at-home whitening kits can cause increased sensitivity if left on for too long, or used more than once every 6 months. Professional treatments are used for the exact amount of time and include desensitization for minimal sensitivity. In fact, professional in-office whitening methods also use thicker peroxide gels than in the past (which don’t soak into the teeth as much).
  4. What are the Odds?
    None! Professional teeth whitening treatment is the only way for you to get even teeth whitening because only a dentist has access to all your teeth, with all the right equipment and ingredients. At-home whitening may not make contact with all the teeth, resulting in uneven results. Whiteners may not correct all types of discoloration, like that due to medications or injury. Only your dentist can predict how your teeth will react to bleaching. It is safe to remember that only natural teeth respond to whitening, not caps, crowns, veneers, or fillings.
  5. Avoid teeth damage
    Using teeth whitening home kits that include strips or bleaching products may irritate your gums and cause discomfort. This makes it important to verify that you are a good candidate for bleaching.
    Before your dentist performs any whitening treatments, they can verify the health of your teeth and gums in order to choose the best method for whitening your smile. This is important to note because tooth whitening products may cause damage to teeth if you have soft or eroded tooth enamel, an already existing sensitive tooth or restorative dental work. Thus with professional teeth whitening, you can relax and enjoy a whiter smile instead of worrying about harming your teeth. To book at an appointment for a bright smile, visit us at Smile Craft in Margao, Goa. Headed by Dr. Schuyler Pereira we focus on making your dental experience as painless as possible, for best results.

Prevention is better than cure. Visit your dentist every six months for a routine cleanup and check up to ensure your teeth and gums always stay healthy to avoid any dental complications in the future. Contact us to begin your journey towards a healthier self.

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