5 Reasons to Plan a Dental Holiday to Goa

October 22nd, 2018 In dental-care

If you’re looking for a dental treatment mixed with a well-earned holiday, we have just the place for you. Goa offers a wide range of exciting offers for people looking to take a dental holiday. What is a dental holiday you ask? It is a perfect excuse to get soaked in the sun and also get your tooth problems sorted at a lower cost! To help you see the benefits of this trip, we have below 5 reasons to plan a dental holiday to Goa:

  1. Low Costs in Goa
    Dental treatments in general are known to cause a burn in your pockets which is why most people don’t visit a dentist until their tooth problem has reached its worst case scenario. However in the case of Goa, these treatments are way cheaper for tourists travelling from England, Spain , France and Germany.  To put it simply, if you’re thinking of visiting the dentist for a painful root canal treatment or a new set of time-consuming dentures, consider visiting Goa.
  2. Holiday Packages in Goa
    Dentists from a state, famed for its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife are offering holiday packages to tourists visiting Goa for a dental procedure, by giving them good package deals involving hotel stays and activities to do while on your trip to Goa. This mixed with a painless dental treatment is assured make your dental vacation a memorable one.
  3. Personalized Service
    The dentists in Goa go an extra mile by providing the tourists help to get an accommodation and to plan their trip with packages that include tying up with car rentals to organize airport pickups and drops for the patients. In order to give their patients an entire ‘ Goa experience’ they also include advice on resorts and beaches to make their holiday the best one.
  4. Goan Government facilities
    While the rest of the country is trying to start from scratch and build a medical tourism in its respective states, Goa is already practicing it. Recognizing the growing number of tourists visiting the state for dental reasons, the health ministry is looking into how the government institutions can benefit from the growing trend by focusing on developing the infrastructure of Goa’s Government Dental College. This is done to cater to the growing number of patients coming from outside the country.
  5. Painless treatment in Goa
    As if the sandy beaches weren’t reason enough to smile, Dental vacations in Goa include painless treatments! One clinic offering such treatments is Smile Craft in Margao, Goa. Headed by Dr.Schuyler Pereira, our team is known to focus on making your dental experience as painless as possible, and the services range from complex dental implants to regular tooth cleaning. We also specialize in cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry. These and many other comfortable dental services are provided in a relaxed and hygienic environment, with strict hygiene, quality and sterilization protocols. For further queries or appointments regarding Smile Craft, contact us here.

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