Does my child need to see a dentist for his oral care?

August 9th, 2018 In dental-care

We always want our kids to pick up the best of habits as they grow up. But not many of us here consider good oral hygiene as one of the good habits. It is always advised to inculcate good oral habits at a very young age. One must be aware that if proper oral hygiene is not maintained, there are chances that your child will have dental problems at a young age.

What age does the kid have to start visiting a pediatric dentist still remains a question, well this blog would help you understand the importance of your kid’s oral care and the importance of visiting a pediatric dentist

1. When is the right age to take my child to the pediatric dentist?

Children require far more dental attention as compared to adults, an early visit to the dentist is required to familiarise your child with the dental team and their equipment to subconsciously condition your child and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. Ideally, the first visit should be scheduled as soon as the milk teeth begin to appear.

2. How do I encourage my child to incorporate healthy oral hygiene habits?

Healthy oral hygiene habits go a long way. The fastest way a child learns when they are young is through observation. Encourage your child to brush along with you and make it a point to never go to sleep without brushing.


3.  What measures do I take to ensure my child has a healthy set of teeth?

Simple routines and measures when incorporated when your child is small goes a long way as far as their dental health is concerned.

4. Why does my child need dental treatment if milk teeth are eventually going to fall off?

Poorly looked after milk teeth can cause abscesses in the jaw which in turn can affect the yet to come permanent teeth. Also, early loss of milk teeth could result in a crowded dentition in the permanent teeth as the teeth tend to drift into the position of the missing teeth.

5.  Should my child get braces?

A variety of reasons could indicate that your child needs braces such as crowding In the teeth, a bad facial profile and many more. Apart from cosmetics braces also correct the alignment of your Child’s teeth and ensure they have a healthy bite which goes a long way in preventing dental cavities.


In Goa, not everyone has the habit of flossing, so make sure you ask your pediatric dentist to teach you and your kid the right way to floss. It is very important for the kid to brush before bedtime. It helps in removing the leftover food traces and the bad germs from the mouth.


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