5 Shocking Dental problems from a bad dental bite you need to know

July 14th, 2018 In dental-care

A dental bite is how a person’s bottom teeth and top teeth align together. When the bottom teeth and upper teeth do not align together, it is considered to be a bad bite or Malocclusion in dental terms. Even a single misaligned teeth can lead to a bad dental bite. And so can a Jaw that is not aligned well cause a bad bite.

A bad dental bite can lead to various Dental problems. But before we head to the kind of problems it can cause, here are some of the examples that are considered to be a bad bite which you might have never known of.

1. Overbite

An overbite is the overlap of the top teeth over the bottom ones. An ‘overbite’ is normal and everybody has one.  However when the overbite is too big or too small there can be problems

2. Open bite

In the bite, the upper and lower front teeth do not come together when the mouth is closed. The result is a gap or opening between the rows of teeth when a person closes the jaw.

3. Cross bite

A crossbite is basically a misalignment of a tooth or teeth where one or more teeth are positioned irregularly; they’re closer to the cheek or tongue, rather than their ideal position

4. Underbite

An underbite is when you close your mouth and your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth.

5. Irregular Spacing

Spacing between your teeth can occur between two or more teeth. Some of the causes can include missing teeth, small teeth, tongue thrusting and thumb sucking.

How can a bad dental bite affect your Dental Health

You can experience a pain that feels like an ear ache due to a joint pain in your jaws.

Locking, grinding, clicking and popping of the jaws due to a bad bite.

Gum diseases and tooth decay can be caused as Crooked or crowded teeth are difficult to Clean. A bad dental bite can affect your oral health care miserably.

A bad bite interferes while chewing and speaking and it can get difficult if you have any misaligned teeth.

A bad bite can cause teeth to become loose from its root and cause breakage later or wear it down. This can occur as the body’s attempts to compensate for a misaligned bite by grinding.

You can experience a loss of dental sensory perception. Sometimes, in worst cases, radiating pains throughout the teeth, head, neck and upper shoulders have also been seen.

How can a bad bite be cured with the Help of a good Dentist in Goa

To diagnose the problem, It is highly recommended that you visit the dentist at least once every 6 months. Smile Craft Dental Clinic in Goa helps you understand your oral health condition by giving you a dental tour. Earlier the better, get yourself diagnosed to know if you suffer with any of the above mentioned bad bite conditions. Even if you do, there’s no need to worry. A bad bite can easily be cured with the help of a good dentist in Goa.

Bad bite also known as malocclusions can be corrected by Orthodontics or Dental Braces. Smile Craft Goa provides you with complete Dental care solutions in Goa (Margao) and suggest you the best kind of Dental braces for your teeth. Our expert in Orthodontics will ensure you only get dental braces that are easier to manage, comfortable and that which crafts smiles that last you miles.

Smile Craft’s Dentist in Goa makes sure your dental journey is a comfortable one by providing you a friendly dental care service and guiding you not only during the treatment but by being with you throughout the journey.


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